FUN-travel: Slow Boat to Singapore – 4th Port – Yasawa-i-Rara, Fiji – Day 14

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Monday, February 8th

  • When you want to be completely isolated on a primitive, unspoiled South Pacific island, this is where you come. With a population of only a mere 600 souls, this little piece of paradise feels pretty remote.

14 Yasawa-i-Rara, Fiji 2016

  • The teal blue waters turned to turquoise and then to a light aqua by the time our tender arrived at26 Yasawa-i-Rara, Fiji 2016 the only dock. The crystal clear water below greeted us with schools of fish darting in all directions.
  • As I ventured down the long dock I took in today’s scenery. Lush green gentle rolling hills rose up from the talcum powder white sand beach. Palms and pines mixed with grasses and vines just above the shore.
  • “Bula, Bula” means hello in Fiji, and was all we heard as we took off to explore. Once again we felt a very warm welcoming from the villagers. (And what we are finding is “SIOP” – Standard Island Operating Procedure) That, along with a choral group greeting. Today it was a baker’s dozen of baritones belting out a ballad.
  • Like clothes drying on a clothes line, the sarongs flapped like flags in the wind. Strung from tree trunk to tree trunk, zig-zagging along the waterfront, we came upon more and more vibrant fabrics (not a muted one in the bunch) of floral and island scenes. And adjacent to them were the women dressed in colorful muumuu’s, some with their babies in tow, playing shopkeepers in their make-shift stores. More strung shells, carved bowls and jewelry. A light sweet floral scent wafted through the air. Plumeria and hibiscus blooms were in abundance.

12 Yasawa-i-Rara, Fiji 2016

  • The heat and humidity was so stifling that even as we sat in the shade we were dripping with sweat. So after just an hour on “this little piece of paradise” we called it quits.
  • Note to self – Do not get off the ship without your bathing suit on!

FUN-fact – The Blue Lagoon starring Brooke Shields was filmed at the opposite end of the island.

8 Yasawa-i-Rara, Fiji 2016