Word Of the Week #546: Passion

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Passion: a strong fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for something.

What are you passionate about? What could you do to make a greater impact in your workplace or industry? What would it take for you to create more enthusiasm for your job or in your life?

This is the follow up to last week’s WOW from the Wall Street Journal article written by Dennis Nishi titled, What Does ‘Success’ Mean, Anyway?

Last week I asked this question, “Are you fulfilled in your job?” What was your answer? What if you are in the right place and could have greater impact than you realize on your workplace or industry? Nishi writes, “Seek the help of colleagues, mentors and even your boss to help you realize where you need to be. Or you may just need to make some adjustments to improve your lot at work – like getting out from under a bad boss.” He then continues with key point #2.

  1. Find Your Passion.

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No choice is immutable. “Many people won’t change because it’s easier to come up with excuses about why they should stay on course,” says Larry Smith, adjunct professor of economics at Canada’s University of Waterloo who gave a TED talk on why most people fail to get great careers.

Smith says, “You’ll never reach your full potential at a job that you’re not passionate about. A great job is one in which you are profoundly satisfied with what you do. It may seem daunting and too far away, but it’s the passion for the work that will drive you to endure whatever hardship is required to make it work.”

This week is all about your passion. Are you profoundly satisfied with what you do? Do you feel like you are not reaching your full potential? What adjustments do you need to make? Have you ever asked for the help of your colleagues or bosses?

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