FUN-photos: 2016 Crystal Cruise – Sydney to Bali

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Slow Boat to Singapore – Australia & Indonesia

  • The second segment took us from Sydney to Bali with 6 ports of call and only 5 days at sea.


  • We never made it to Thursday Island as the sea was too rough and choppy for the tenders to take us ashore. Oh well, Champagne for lunch and a nap instead!
  • While it was very cool to go to Komodo and get to see the dragons, the whole thing felt very staged. More like going to a zoo without the fencing.
  • And then Balmy Bali…in Monsoon Season. This lovely island with a population of over 4 million is one of the smallest in Indonesia covering an area of 2000 square miles. And with the majority of them practicing Balinese Hinduism there were temples on almost every corner and tucked away down side streets. Every 210 days is 6 months on a Balinese calendar and encompasses a big celebration filled with food, music and dancing. It turns out that we were in for a real royal treat too! Incense filled the air as they prepared a multitude of delicacies for their evening’s feast and festivities.

FUN-travel: Slow Boat to Singapore – 9th Port – Sydney, Australia – Day 22

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Tuesday, February 16th 

  • Paris has its Eiffel Tower…

…New York has its Statue of Liberty…

…and Sydney has its billowing Opera House that dominates the downtown harbor.

55 Sydney, Australia 2016

  • And just like them, she was a runner up vying for one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.
  • Unfortunately for us, Princess got the good (and only) downtown dock. So we had to anchor, and tender in on the local FantaSea ferry. We were dropped directly at the end of The Rocks, under the iconic Sydney Bridge. The water front was alive with activity and we were greeted with a symphony of sounds. The clickety-clack of the overhead trains, the motor boats buzzing around the bay, the helicopters and the seaplanes soaring above us.

29 Sydney, Australia 2016

  • It felt good to be a part of the hustle and bustle of a big city for a change of pace. And today we just meandered through the streets enjoying the eclectic mix of old and new architecture.

FUN-fact – The Sydney Opera House was completed in 1973 after 14 years of contentious construction, is covered with over a million ceramic tiles, and features five performance halls.

More FF – The last time we were in Sydney was in 2005, where we spent New Year’s Eve in a boat, in the parade of lights, with the most fantastic fireworks shooting off the Sydney Bridge.

32 Sydney, Australia 2016

FUN-travel:Australia/New Zealand

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Travel Highlights – 15th day – January 12, 2006 

Sydney Harbour New Years Eve

Sydney Harbour New Years Eve

  • Eloped and wed New Years Eve in Sydney Harbour on boat in the parade of lights.
  • Hottest New Years day on record.
  • When toll taker at the Ferry station was asked, “How hot is 45 degrees in Fahrenheit?”  His reply was, “Damn hot!”  (Our best guess somewhere around 115 degrees.)
Manly Beach

Manly Beach

  • Drank more beer in two weeks than the last two years.
  • Have consumed approximately 29 bottles of wine and 6+? bottles of Champagne (lost count).
  • There are two kinds of wine here, good and gooder.
  • Drank 28 cappuccinos (must have school that teaches how to make them look so pretty and taste so good).


  • Snorkeled at the Great Barrier Reef;
  • took seven boat rides;
  • two gondola rides;
  • one luge ride;
  • one train ride;
  • one helicopter ride to a glacier,
  • and five plane rides.
Top of the Glacier

Top of the Glacier

  • Went to the Glow Worm caves,
  • a rainforest,
  • a butterfly sanctuary,
  • and an aviary.
  • Drove through a petting zoo,
  • saw several locations where Lord of the Rings was filmed
  • and 4283 sheep.
Drive thru Zoo - Queenstown

Drive thru Zoo - Queenstown

  • After arriving in Auckland, drove over 1000 kilometers.
  • Quite unnerving to sit on driver’s side with no control over the steering.
  • Chris drove and was an angel, (so he said) against constant harping of, “Stay to the left! Stay to the left! No, not that far left!”
Butterfly Sanctuary

Butterfly Sanctuary

  • Drove to Waitomo, Rotarua, Taupo, Napier, and Wellington.
  • Dropped off car with both tires on the left side intact. Absolutely amazing!
  • Flew to Queenstown.
  • Picked up another car and then asked, “Why in bloody hell would we want to drive anywhere?”
  • Returned it immediately!
Glow Worm Caves Forest

Glow Worm Caves Forest

  • Have been very lucky as usual, with only a few little glitches.
  • The Best Luck Story: When Chris asked, “Honey, where are we staying in Queenstown?” Susan replied, “I’m not sure yet.”
  • See wine store and pullover. Plan is to shop and use their phone book. Owner of the store asks, “What are you looking for?” and reply is, “A hotel.” He says, “I can help you do that. What price range?” And we say, “Top of the line economy!”
Luge Ride Starting Point - Lake Taupo

Luge Ride Starting Point - Lake Taupo

Turns out the Sofitel just opened and he has connections. *****, state of the art amenities, flat screen TV, surround sound, DVD, espresso machine, Jacuzzi tub, etc., etc. All for the paltry sum of $120.00 US per night. WE’RE IN HEAVEN!

Waterfall from Glacier

Waterfall from Glacier

Special thanks to Mary & Laurent for itinerary and packing instructions, and Dixie for very special bottle of Champagne!

Meals/Hotels/Excursions: Expensive!
RT 1st Class w/sleeper seats: 240,000 miles
Arriving w/no jet lag & the love of your life: Priceless!

We forgot the 5 wineries (which changes the wine consumption!)
And what are the odds of running into someone you know? We are buying lottery tickets.
Ran into Kaiser doctor from Hawaii we just saw last month in San Fran!

One of the Winery Tours

One of the Winery Tours