Word-Of-the-Week #977: Social Awareness

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Social Awareness – having an awareness and understanding of the world around us.

Have you ever stopped to think about the importance of understanding those around you? How they feel, what they are thinking, or how your actions impact them?

This week features the second half of If you use these 13 phrases every day, you have higher emotional intelligence ‘than most people’: Psychology experts say,” by Kathy and Ross Petras, Contributors at Makeit.com.

  1. “Great job!” 

Showing appreciation goes a long way. It acknowledges other people’s efforts and accomplishments. 

When you compliment someone, you immediately set up a positive vibe. Saying “I appreciate you” makes others appreciate you more. 

  1. “You both have good points. Let’s see how we can work together.” 

This phrase can help you diplomatically work through trouble spots by acknowledging differing points of views. 

Once you’ve encouraged everyone to share their concerns, you can more easily solve a potential problem. Studies show that the ability to resolve conflicts is a trademark of emotional intelligence. 

  1. “I’d love your input on this.” 

This phrase, and similar ones like “Can I get some advice from you?” or “Do you mind if I ask for some input?”, are golden. 

You’re allowing someone else to feel proud of themselves, which makes them think very positively about you. 

  1. “This situation makes me worried [or confused or upset].” 

When there is a problem, emotionally intelligent people don’t focus on the person who created it, but on the overall situation. 

This way, you’re not blaming someone or putting them on the defensive side. Instead, you’re explaining how you feel about what happened, which helps you avoid sounding passive-aggressive or antagonistic. 

  1. “I feel this way about…” 

When you’re emotionally intelligent, you connect with your emotions as they happen, in the moment. 

This type of self-awareness allows you to better share your own emotions and impressions with other people, which both makes them feel closer to you and encourages them to do the same. 

  1. “I’m sorry.” 

Having a healthy dose of humility is common among people with high emotional intelligence. Don’t be afraid to say “I’m sorry.” When you make a mistake, admit it and genuinely apologize to whomever deserves it. 

  1. “Thank you!” 

Don’t forget those “magic words” you were taught when you were a kid. “Please,” “thank you” and “you’re welcome” are always appreciated. 

Common courtesy is, sadly, not that common these days, according to studies. Being polite isn’t only a mark of high emotional intelligence, it’s also a way of showing respect for others, which makes them regard you more highly.”

This week’s focus is on Social Awareness. Are you able to understand how another person is feeling, empathize with them, and take a different perspective on a situation? Can you push your own opinions and judgments aside and truly listen to the views of someone else?

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