FUN-photos: A&K Private Jet Wild Life Safari – Japan

December 29, 2022 by · Comments Off on FUN-photos: A&K Private Jet Wild Life Safari – Japan 

On October 7th we boarded our 757, configured with 48 first class fully reclining leather seats, for our eleven-hour flight. Crossing the International Dateline had us arriving the next afternoon where we spent 3 nights at the Peninsula in Tokyo.

Day 1 – To see the Macaques, AKA snow monkeys, we took a bus to the train station, boarded our 5-star Gran Class bullet train, and then took another bus ride to the park, which took 3+ hours. Once there we trekked up over a mile-and-a half to reach the natural hot springs that they love to hang out in.

Amazing & magical for sure! Especially since it rained the 2 days prior, and the monkeys were nowhere to be found. The sun was out when we reached the summit at the top of the stairs where over 60 of the sweet monkeys were playing and preening.

Day 2 – We toured the temples in Kamakura and saw the Sumo wrestlers.

FUN-fact– Our crew was from Iceland and the service felt like being on Pan Am in the 60’s!  Caviar & Veuve Clicquot Champagne awaited us, and their “uniforms” changed with each country.