FUN-photos: Rimini to Palermo, Italy

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We arrived in Rimini the afternoon of October 15th. We were there for the TTG Incontri Travel & Tourism Industry Show where Susan spoke. On the morning of the 19th we picked up another car and headed south with our first stop in San Marino and then on to Sorrento for 3 days where we visited Capri, the Blue Grotto, Pompeii & Herculaneum. We continued south along the Amalfi Coast with stops in Positano & Amalfi and spent the night in Tropea. We drove to Villa San Giovanni where we picked up the ferry to Sicily. Our first stop there was Taormina for 2 days, then off to Ragusa for 2 days with stops on the way in Giardini-Naxos, Siracusa & Noto. Our last 2 nights were spent in Terrasini, a small seaside town next to the airport since we had a very early flight out on the 29th. We stopped and saw the Greek ruins in Agrigento & Segesta as well as seeing the fabulous church in Monreale on the outskirts of Palermo.

If you click on the first picture it will allow you to create a slide show. And it turns out they are in ascending order (in other words, the first is actually the last) So if you click the back arrow you will see them in order. Enjoy!

FUN-travel: San Marino to Sorrento, Italy

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Day 34 – Saturday, October 19 – San Marino to Sorrento, Italy – overcast, foggy turns to full on sun – 60 to 70’s

San Marino, San Marino 2013 11

San Marino

  • 2:00 – road heads west into big mountains
  • colorful array of fall foliage
  • getting warmer as we go
  • *3:00 – gas stop @ service area (AKA car/truck stop)
  • 3:40 – pizza break @ next service area (this is not Pizza Hut)
  • really good! – 2 huge homemade pizzas only $7.90 Euro
  • +5:45 – coming into Napoli
  • it’s 75 degrees!
  • only 30 more miles to go
  • 7:00 – still in gridlock traffic
  • know we’re close to center of town
  • **pull over @ 1st acceptable hotel – Hotel Central
  • ask how much & to see room
  • lovely Elisabetta takes me to
  • ++4th floor w/balcony facing bay of Naples – quiet – (2 blocks from sea)
  • clean & no cucarachas – only $120 Euro
  • Chris starts whining (thinks internet should be free)
  • she throws it in @ no charge because we stay 3 nights
  • 7:15 – order 2 cold Perroni beers @ bar
  • unpack &  repack bag for much nicer weather to come
  • +++go back to bar for wine glasses for room
Sorrento, Italy 2013 1


  • checked TripAdvisor & we got a very good rate!
  • Comfort Inn 3 star next door actually has high TA ratings

    zSan Marino, San Marino 2013 13

    San Marino

  • 9:00 – shower perked me up
  • 9:15 – sitting on balcony drinking nice bottle of wine from Mauro
  • could be best twinkle ever seen!
  • like dazzling, shimmering jewels dancing in the distance!
  • see fireworks too!
  • full moon coming up
  • not really hungry so munch on Kirkland almonds I brought
  • cheapest food day ever!


  • * hungry & food choices don’t look that good
  • + looking for internet café to book room for Sorrento & can’t find one
  • **have to get out of this car!
  • tolls cost $31.50 Euro to get here
  • 6:00 – traffic comes to a grinding halt on the narrow, twisty, winding road to Sorrento6:30 – still not there yet
  • & really tired of being in car so long
  • ++parking is $15 Euro per day extra & they charge $15 Euro for internet (3 days)
  • slightly obstructed view – 3rd story roof next door & several TV antennas
  • only have plastic cups in room
  • +++told Maitre‘d won’t let us have them, so take pina colada glasses to room
Sorrento, Italy 2013 3


WATCH (What Are The Chances) – Chris parks car @ Hotel Central & sees internet café across the street!

FUN-fact – New addendum to my travel motto: It’s 5:00 somewhere, and I want to be somewhere by 5:00!
More FF – Sorrento is magnificently situated on the top of a rock plateau which drops sheer to the sea below and is rich in citrus fruits, gardens and vegetation.


FUN-travel: Rimini to San Marino

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Day 34 – Saturday, October 19 – Rimini to San Marino – overcast, foggy turns to full on sun – 60’s

zRimini, Italy 2013 47

San Marino, San Marino 2013 6

San Marino,


  • 7:00 – wake up
  • 9:00 – quick breakfast & to go sandwich
  • 9:15 – Mauro graciously picks us up for ride to airport
  • *9:30 – arrive for car pick up
  • 9:50 – drive off w/Mauro leading
  • headed to San Marino
  • 10:30 – arrive top of mountain w/full sun up here (fog & clouds below)
  • find free 30 min parking
  • move care to free one hour parking
  • find cheapest price yet on souvenirs for grandkids! Only $27 Euro
  • wind through more narrow streets (with church & castle)
  • 11:30 – cappuccino break
  • **12:00 – hit road south – along east coast


  • *reserved mid-size automatic
  • only have 1 compact Audi
  • luggage doesn’t fit in back
  • sitting on back seat
  • **trying to figure out how toll roads work
  • think we’re in wrong lane & end up in north bound lanes & we’re headed south!
  • put car in reverse
  • go back & press button for ticket
San Marino, San Marino 2013 3

San Marino

FUN-fact – San Marino, officially the Republic of San Marino and also known as the Most Serene Republic of San Marino, is an enclaved microstate surrounded by Italy, situated on the Italian Peninsula on the north-eastern side of the Apennine Mountains.

Rimini, Italy z2013 5