Word-Of-the-Week #729: Recharge

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Recharge – what you need to revive your energy, stamina & enthusiasm.

We are full on into summer and the question is, “Have you planned a vacation?” You do know that it’s one of the best ways to recharge? How would it feel to be less anxious, more rested and in a better mood?

This week features the John DiScala, Inc. Union Tribune article, “Back to Reality: How to ease into your work routine after vacation.

“Taking a summer vacation is a great way to relax and recharge your batteries. Lounging on the beach, exploring a foreign city, or hiking in the mountains can put you in a new head space. But then your flight is taking off and you must return to the daily grind.

The good news is that studies show that three days after taking a vacation, travelers report feeling less anxious, more rested and in a better mood. These benefits typically linger for weeks after the trip, but coming back still is tough.

No one wants to think about emails and deadlines, putting together a budget or running a meeting after an amazing holiday. I know I don’t. However, it can’t be avoided, especially if you want to survive your first days back without having a mental burnout. That’s why I’ve created a list of tips that’ll make your transition back to work a little smoother.

  1. Don’t go back to work right after your vacation is over.

Everyone needs some time to get back into the groove of things. If you can, take a day or two to relax and recuperate before heading back into the office. Even if you need to tidy-up around the house or run errands, give yourself at least a few hours to chill.

I like to order-in or go for ice cream the day after I’ve come back from a long break. I’m having a treat while still slowly getting back into a groove. Focus on giving your mind time to adjust. If you don’t, you’ll have stress on top of fatigue to deal with when you return to work.

Is your team burned out and stressed out? Declare production bankruptcy. Give your employees a bailout. Pick a day that is going to be about catching up—not moving forward. It’s not a day to produce, create, or build anything. That may seem counterintuitive given the state of the economy and how challenging the business environment is, but it could be what people need to recharge their batteries. Here are 10 tips for a bailout plan for workers.

  1. Ease your way back into work.

Either the day before returning to work or the morning of returning to work, take some time to plan out your day. Make a to-do list with everything you know you need to do and prioritize what needs to be done. If you do this on the morning of your return, be sure to give yourself space to be alone with your thoughts.

Start with old tasks that you didn’t finish before you went on vacation. It’ll give you a sense of normality. You might be tempted to jump straight into new projects, but you’re going to crash and burn before lunch.

Focus on doing what you know how to do and what requires the least amount of time. Starting with small tasks can boost your confidence. Remember, you’re taking one step at a time.

  1. Bring a little piece of your vacation home with you.

Souvenirs are great personal mementos that can remind you that it’s okay to take a break and enjoy life. Recovering from fatigue can be as simple as reminiscing. In her book, “The Myths of Happiness”, UC Riverside psychology professor Sonja Lyubomirsky has found that reminiscing about a trip brings you immense pleasure.

It can be especially helpful if you can incorporate the senses such as smell. I personally like using diffusers with oils from different parts of the world. This allows all of your positive feelings about it to flow back into you. You can then transform that into energy to get you through your day.

This week’s focus is to recharge. How would it feel to have more energy, stamina, & enthusiasm? What if you made creating a vacation plan your goal? Plus adding enough time to allow you to ease back into work?

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