FUN-photos: A&K Private Jet Wild Life Safari – Philippines

December 29, 2022 by · Comments Off on FUN-photos: A&K Private Jet Wild Life Safari – Philippines 

Tokyo to Cebu – 5-hour flight – time change 1 hour back – 3 nights Shangri-La Mactan

Day 1 – We took a 30-minute helicopter flight from Cebu that landed on the grade school lawn, then lunch with a cultural show before heading to the Tarsier Sanctuary. We took tuk-tuk’s through town before our return flight.

FUN-fact: Tarsiers are the smallest primate with eyes like an owl, ears like a bat, tail like a monkey, size of a rat, and flat head like humans. They are primates like lemurs.

Day 2 – We took a 45-minute helicopter flight to swim with the Whale Sharks and then had a luscious lunch on the shore. While they are massive in size (reaching lengths of more than 40 feet and weights of nearly 50,000 pounds, which is about the size of a yellow school bus) they are extremely docile and feed on plankton.

FUN-fact: Whale sharks are not whales but are the largest fish in the world and called “gentle giants.”