WOW Word-Of-the-Week #525: Mental Manipulation

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Mental Manipulationto adapt or change one’s mind to suit their purpose or advantage; positive self talk.

Do you have a hard time recovering when things don’t work out as planned? Do you tend to “sweat the small stuff?” Are you able to “make the best of a bad situation?”

This is the follow up to last week’s WOW on options. And today I will share the the last 2 FUN-damentals to get you started on the “Positive Attitude Programming Process” that I have come with over the years that work for me and the people that have attended my speaking presentations.

So now, how do you psyche yourself up when you have to do, or deal with something that isn’t pleasant, FUN, or that you just plain don’t like doing? First you make the choice to either love it or hate it. What I do is think of how much worse my situation could be. (Somebody always has it better than you and many, many, many more have it worse than you.)

FUN-damental # 4 – Mental Manipulation Coupled with Selective Amnesia

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When all else fails you need to make up a story! I think Martin Seligman, Ph.D., the author of “Authentic Happiness” says it best. “Happy people remember more good events than actually happened, and they forget more of the bad events. Depressed people, in contrast, are accurate about both. Happy people are lopsided in their beliefs about success and failure: If it was a success, they did it, it’s going to last, and they’re good at everything; if it was a failure, you did it to them, it’s going away quickly, and it was just this one little thing.”

He also says, “When we are in a positive mood, people like us better, and friendship, love, and coalitions are more likely to cement. In contrast to the constrictions of negative emotion, our mental set is expansive, tolerant, and creative. We are open to new ideas and new experience.”

FUN-damental #5 – Shift Happens

The power of a positive attitude affords you maximum flexibility – you can adapt, change, and even evolve so that you can respond appropriately. And, with your new positive attitude, you can expect to enjoy your work environment more thoroughly as you laugh and find the humor in everyday rituals. And when you do that you can expect to achieve a higher degree of team work and cooperation from your fellow colleagues. You can also expect to appreciate the differences and idiosyncrasies of family members, close friends, and life partners. As they say, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

When you take control of your life (and not let it run you on “auto-pilot”) and you make conscious choices you will fully realize the power you have in the “Positive Attitude Programming Process.” It is then that you can expect to realize your work, personal, and relationship goals. And that is when you start having FUN at work and on the playground of life!

This week focus on positive self talk. Can you allow yourself to have a little selective amnesia? How well do you handle situations that don’t work out exactly the way you wanted them to? How would it feel to shift your thinking?

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