FUN-travel:Iguacu Falls

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Are First Impressions Really Lasting Impressions?

Our hotel in the national park

Our hotel in the national park

Day 1 – Wednesday, January 28, 2009

  • Good News – able to change original bad flight, save time and connections
  • Bad News – 4 hour flight delay in DC, mechanical
  • Good News – in Business class, Champagne flowing
  • Bad News – 4 hour flight delay in DC, mechanical
  • Good News – in Business class, Champagne flowing
First day at the Falls

First day at the Falls

Day 2 – Thursday, January 29, 2009

  • Good News – arrive Sao Paulo
  • Bad News – miss connection, 10 hour delay
  • Good News – Bonus Excursion, no additional cost! Go to Dobly hotel, get room, lunch, nap, shower, dinner, and scenic bus tour of Sao Paulo ghetto
  • Good News – gotta love SA airport security! Don’t have to show liquids, computer, take off shoes
  • Bad News –  Not sure metal detector is working, Chris’s knee does not go off!
  • Bad News – Plane takes off late
  • Good News – arrive Iguazu, picked up by guide Valdir, arrive hotel 2:00 am

FFTN&T (Fun Facts to Know & Tell)
Staying at 50 year old Hotel Das Cataratas, located in National Park on edge of falls, very remote, fell trapped like a rat, would like to have gone into town.

Boat ride at the Falls

Boat ride at the Falls

Day 3 – Friday, January 30, 2009 – 85 degrees, 85% humidity, bleach white, cotton candy clouds fill sky

  • Good News – have full day of touring
  • Bad News – oversleep and miss tour
  • Good News – Valdir  is flexible, reschedules for tomorrow, see Iguacu Falls from Brazilian side.
  • Go to Wild Bird and Butterfly Sanctuary (Chris is beside himself with joy)
  • Good News – Legs, hips & knees work! Go white water rafting and tour thru jungle, walk 240′ across catwalks and down spiral stairs to reach rafts, Happy Hour at hotel
  • Bad News – Miss Iguacu flora & fauna lecture. (Chris is beside himself)

Day Rating – 10+

Toucan at Wild Bird Sanctuary

Toucan at Wild Bird Sanctuary

Day 4 – Saturday, January 31, 2009 – crystal clear blue skies, hot & humid

  • Good News – Get wake up call, 8:00 am go to Argentinian side of falls, approx 700 meters across river
  • Bad News – takes 55 minutes to drive, no bridge close
  • Good News – not many people, take various catwalks, to waterfall after waterfall
  • Bad News – pay for jungle ride, see no animals as promised
  • Good News – get to motor boat for river and base of waterfalls tour, go opposite direction of rafting, get wet! Buy DVD’s of our adventure

Jungle Tour 2 – Day Rating – 10+ 

View from our hotel

View from our hotel

Day 5 – Sunday, February 1, 2009 – not as hot

  • Good News – park open to hotel guests only from 7 to 9 am, take last visit pictures and videos.
  • Bad News – minimal animal viewing – no monkeys, 1 pecari (very rare) a pack of anteaters, 1 iguana, 2 toucans & 2 green parrots.

Iguazu Falls is 2 miles around perimeter. Ranks top with Niagra & Victoria Falls. 25% in Brazil, 75% in Argentina.

First Impression/Lasting Impression Iguazu- Spectacular! Still 10+