Word-Of-the-Week #637: Finality

October 20, 2016 by · Comments Off on Word-Of-the-Week #637: Finality 

Finality – being definitely settled and feeling complete.

Does the word finality feel positive or negative to you? Do you get a sense of fulfillment when you have completed something? Do you find it disturbing that there are some things you just may not do again?

By the time you read this Chris and I will be in Burma (Myanmar) in our first week of a nine-week vacation. I am so happy to say that this is our LAST BIG trip! Emphasis on BIG meaning long. Our bucket list is almost done and the sense of finality feels really good. We only have a couple of international trips left. Then we plan on staying in North America. There’s a whole lot to see here.

Travel is very personal! In our opinion it is physically and financially expensive to leave the country so we try to see as much as we can. At this stage of our lives our motto is “We’re only doing this once.” And that means to make sure you see and do everything you want to.

Over the last year-and-a-half we had several “aha” finality moments. We rafted the Middle Fork of the Salmon River and camped out for a week. And when we were done we said, “That’s the last time we will ever camp out.” This year we rode mules on the rim of the Grand Canyon and said, “That’s the last time we will ever ride mules.”

I don’t want to sound jaded, “But how many times can you do the same thing?” The excitement wanes.


And being a woman, as I age certain things just don’t happen anymore. I had a check up this month and my doctor said, “This is probably the last time you have to have this done.” YEAH!

I also took on a sewing project to replace my ten-year-old drapery. I had 36 yards of fabric to cut and the only good work surface was on my wood floors. When I was I done I giggled and said, “I won’t be doing this again. I’ll be too old.” (I plan on them lasting a whole lot longer than 10 years!)

I say all this because I could easily feel sad but I don’t. It feels very liberating! And there are things that I have done my whole life and now I just don’t want to do them anymore. It brought up a past WOW on FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out. I just don’t suffer from that at this stage of my life and I am perfectly OK with that. How about you?

Then this weekend at the birthday party (more like a bash) for my girlfriends 1-year-old daughter she said, “I’m glad to say this is the last “1st birthday” party we’ll ever have.” That’s finality at its finest!

This week is all about finality. Is there anything that you would like to have finality with? How would it feel to be settled and complete with your life? If you had six months to live is there anything that you absolutely have to do? Get out there and do it now! You just never know.

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