FUN-travel: Slow Boat to Singapore – 2nd Port – Fanning Island, Kiribati – Day 9

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Tuesday, February 2nd – Primitive Paradise

  • Despite the rough seas the tenders were running and after a bouncy, jerky 20-minute ride we arrived at the palm frond covered rickety dock. My first thought was, “Thank god for the strong off shore winds.” Without them and the accompanying occasional cool rain drops, the heat and humidity would have been suffocating.


  • A choir of over two dozen serenading islanders provided a most joyous welcome. Once off the dock, I just stood and took in as much as I could of this off the beaten path coconut palm laden island. I marveled at how it seemed all of the palms were swaying with their fronds wildly flapping in the wind – as if they were spreading their wings to take flight.
  • Multiple paths like spokes on a bicycle snaked off in several directions. My big decision for the day was, “Which one do I take first?”


  • Down one path tribal warriors in full costume and body paint struck various poses. Down another path hula dancers in their homemade palm-frond skirts added to the festive mood of having “company.” Down several others, islanders of all ages lined the paths in hopes of selling their wares. As we ambled along we were met with table after table of hand-strung shell necklaces, palm-frond basketry and carved coconut shells.
  • While we all might assume this woman has had a hard life


– we would be mistaken if we thought it broke her playful spirit.


  • And while many of us couldn’t imagine a life on a primitive island without electricity3E3A0031
  • – we would be mistaken to think that these islanders in any way feel deprived
  • – except when their big brother tries to control them!

FUN-fact – This remote nine-by-six-nautical-mile-long atoll is home to 1900 and their tourist season consists of 4 or 5 cruise ships a year.

More FF – the closing shots of the 60’s TV show Gilligan’s Island were filmed here.