Word Of the Week #571: Epiphany

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Epiphanya sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the essential meaning of something.

When was the last time you had an “aha” moment? When you had a sudden insight into the essential meaning of something? Was it a positive experience?

This last weekend we celebrated the life of my step-father who would have been 97-years-old in September. He came into my life in 1967 and was for all intents and purposes my “father.”

In the last couple of weeks I pondered what I would say at his service. What could I say that everyone didn’t already know? He was a kind, loving, gentle man, and gentleman. Everyone knew that! There were so many happy memories that made me smile and some that even made me giggle.

And the one memory that was so strong and kept coming up for me was the last time I had taken him to the 1 Whitey's 94th Birthday 9.29.12 - Version 2doctor in May after he had fallen, yet one more time. The doctor was checking all of his vital signs and then asked, “Can you show me how you walk?” So my father got up with his walker and walked around the small examination room and when he was done said, “Do you want to see me jog?” To which we all cracked up laughing as he proceeded to jog in place. I love that he never lost his sense of humor!

We checked out, got in the elevator, walked down the long corridor, and I sat him down on the bench closest to the front entrance so he could rest, while I went to bring the truck up to him. When I pulled up and got out to help him, a big burly man walking by asked, “Can I help you?” To which I said, “No, but thank you, we have this routine down.” Then I said to my father, “You are such a kind, sweet, gentle soul that even perfect strangers want to help you.” And his response was, “I am just a reflection of my surroundings.”

I was totally blown away by that! And then this week I had an epiphany, when I realized that my father had it all wrong. He was not a reflection of his surroundings. His surroundings were a reflection of him! He was so well loved, because he loved so well. He has left me wanting to carry his reflection around with me by being a kinder, gentler soul just like him.

This week I wish you your own positive epiphany!

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