WOW Word-Of-the-Week #315: Enthusiasm

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WOW Word-Of-the-Week #315

Enthusiasm – great excitement or interest in a subject or cause.

How often do you feel great excitement? Do you think enthusiasm is contagious? What do you love doing?

Once again I got a great e-mail from Steve Straus who sends out S T E V E ‘ S….3 – M I NU T E….C O A C H I N G. He wrote, “Remember the last time you felt really enthusiastic.
You probably had energy, were motivated, and felt focused. In short, you were having a good time.”

“Now remember a time when you were physically a little under the weather, mentally adrift, and perhaps emotionally upset. You probably weren’t too enthusiastic, either.”

“The presence or absence of enthusiasm is palpable, noticeable not only by you but also by others. Enthusiasm is an energy, a life force. When you have and project it, it is an organizing resource. Enthusiasm attracts. While it’s probably not accurate to say that the lack of enthusiasm repels, it sure isn’t attractive. At best it’s neutral.”

“Enthusiasm can’t be faked. Sure, people try — you’ve probably experienced a speaker who got all pumped up and delivered an enthusiastic-appearing program, but at some inner level you knew it was an act. A mask of enthusiasm is not enthusiasm”.

“Enthusiasm is not something you do. It is something you are. Enthusiasm radiates from love — loving what you’re doing, loving where you’re headed, loving who you’re with. Enthusiasm is a by-product, not an action.”

“Coaching Point: If you’re not enthusiastic on a regular basis….why not? What’s missing?”

This week focus on your level of enthusiasm. What do you love doing? Where are you headed? Who do you have in your life that shares your enthusiasm?

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Reader Responses

“Great one, of great one.  I am so enthusiastic about our 40 trip with the kids this weekend I just can’t sit still!  I’m doing my Bunco invite right now. See you then, sweetie. Thanks.” – Elaine

“Someone needs to rent the Ringling Brothers Circus Tent; throw Ringling out and make you the week’s evangelist!!!” – pc

“Thank you Susan for proving the link to Steve Straus  – I enjoy him as much as I enjoy you. Today, I feel no enthusiasm for work or for this day, however I received this email regarding Enthusiam, it has been encouraging and that little light for me to reshift today to make it better. Your doing a Good Thing Susan – Wow!” – Brenda

“I just wanted to let you know that I have been receiving your e Newsletter, probably since its inception. All great marketing efforts should be, to the greatest extent possible, FARP (Frequent, Anticipated, Relevant, and Personal). Great work. We sat together on a delayed Denver to San Diego flight about 10 years ago (First Class).” – Saul