Word-Of-the-Week #859: Diversion

January 21, 2021 by · Comments Off on Word-Of-the-Week #859: Diversion 

Diversion – something that distracts the mind and relaxes or entertains.

Have you created any diversions to help relieve COVID fatigue? Have you started any projects with the extra time? Or have you taken up any new hobbies?

This is the word that came to me this week because I realized that I LOVE having a project because it creates a diversion that distracts my mind from all the craziness.

I enjoyed all the Christmas decorating and cooking and baking because it was a really nice diversion. When Chris asked, “Why are you going all out on decorating the house inside and out when we aren’t having our Annual Holiday Open House?” I replied, “I am doing it for me! And we’re going to have a couple of neighbors over for a couple of dinners.”

I started decorating as soon as I put the Halloween ones away. That gave me plenty of time to do it at my leisure which is the way I like it. No stress to hurry to finish! Then we spent a week taking it all down. I was so glad I did it because it created a different scenery and was a nice change.

And then my friend Sade (and former foster youth) told me she wanted to redecorate her home! I was so excited to be able to help her with paint color, drapes, and fabric. It’s a work in progress and the new look feels so relaxing and inviting. Just painting a couple of accent walls made a major difference.

I have spent the last 10 months having self-distancing lunches and walks on the beach and along the waterfront, playing golf, and now I am working on purging paper in my office! Cleaning out closets and organizing has been another great diversion. It feels so great!

I was also very grateful to get a short trip up the coast in October to Santa Barbara, Cambria, and Paso Robles. It totally took my mind off the pandemic for a just a bit. That is one of the reasons I LOVE to travel because it causes me to focus on being “in the present.”

Many of my friends have chosen to learn how to cook more healthy foods, bake sourdough bread, speak a new language, grow a garden, create art projects, and have started new exercise regimes. All of these are great diversions that distract our minds and are both relaxing and entertaining. Plus they give us a sense of accomplishment.

And as I write this, our new president has been sworn in and that creates a new diversion about the positive things sure to come in this new year!

This week’s focus is on creating a diversion. What things have you done this past year to distract your mind? What do you want to do that will create a feeling of relaxation? What are you doing for entertainment?

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