Word-Of-the-Week #769: Discerning

May 2, 2019 by · Comments Off on Word-Of-the-Week #769: Discerning 

Discerningkeen insight and good judgment; perceptive. 

Do you tend to take your time when making decisions? Are you detail oriented? Are you careful and cautious? If not, how does it make you feel to be around someone who is discerning?

This week’s WOW comes from my good friend Tonnia. David P. Snyder, the author of “How to Mind Read Your Customers” says, “Discerning people are either highly conscientious or highly steadfast. They are extremely methodical, careful, observant, and scrutinizing. If you feel you are under a microscope in their presence, you are, so be prepared for a microscopic examination. These people need facts, figures, proof, and assurance. 

Highly conscientious people are conservative. They are controlled, especially with their thoughts and emotions. They are cautious and suspicious of strangers. They are obsessive about quality, accuracy, and details. They expect you to care about the same things they care about. Most are extremely critical and actually a lot more humble than you would think. 

Highly steadfast people are extremely hardworking, fair, honest, reliable, trustworthy, community oriented, family oriented, and patriotic. They expect you to treat them with the same respect and honesty that you would give to members of your own family. They are loyal, dependable, good listeners, patient, composed, relaxed, and consistent. 

Both types of discerning people are slow paced, careful, methodical, and observant. The main difference is that steadfast people are more soft-spoken and less judgmental.” 

This week focus on the discerning people you come in contact with. If you are discerning as well, you should connect quite easily with them. If not, how does it make you feel to be around a slower, calmer person? How does it make you feel when people don’t make decisions as quickly as you do? Can you see the benefit of having a team of people around you who are dynamic and discerning?

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