FUN-photos: Trieste to Venice for Adriatic Cruise – October, 2013

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We arrived in Trieste on October 2nd and were warmly welcomed by Chris’ sister Cinzia. We spent three wonderful days with her and her family before taking the train to Venice to board the ship for our 10 day Adriatic Cruise on Seabourn. Our stops included Corfu, Katakolon, & Igoumenitsa, Greece – Brindisi, Italy – Kotor, Montenegro – Split & Ravinj, Croatia. The pictures are from the places we really enjoyed – Trieste, Venice, Kotor, Split & Ravinj

If you click on the first picture it will allow you to create a slide show. And it turns out they are in ascending order (in other words, the first is actually the last) So if you click the back arrow you will see them in order. Enjoy!

FUN-travel: Venice to Venice Seabourn Cruise – Day 6 – Brindisi, Italy

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Day 25 – Thursday, October 10 – Seabourn Cruise Day 6 – Brindisi, Italy – blue skies, full on sun – high 70’s


  • 8:00 – really hot capp arrives
  • 10:30 – walk off ship
  • really cute, clean town w/palm tree lined main street

Brindisi, Italy 2013 6

highpoints we see on our walking tour w/free map (& sooz as guide):

  • duomo (biggest church)
  • castello svevo (castle still used as military headquarters)Brindisi, Italy 2013 3
  • chiesa di San Benedetto (church)
  • chiesa di S. Giovanni (church)
  • porta  Napoli – (entrance from original walled city)
  • olonne romane (Roman column)
  • palazzo granafei-nervegna (palace)
  • chiesa di Santa Lucia (church)
  • loggia balsam (intricate carved stone building decoration)
  • *12:20 – cappuccino break (really need to go potty)
  • LAU – lunch as usual
  • 4:00 – happy hour outside @ Sky bar
  • 6:00 – sail away
  • **7:30 – dinner Restaurant 2 – Indian Market – open to all passengers – buffet w/ lots of options like potato & chickpea tikki, chicken kebab masala, curried shrimp
  • get side of red chili sauce
  • WATCH – sit w/another nice Brit couple
  • 10:00 – English comedian Martin Beaumont – pretty funny!

WATCH – What Are The Chances!

Brindisi, Italy 2013 8


  • *luke warm
  • 1:30 – white cottony clouds start appearing from distance
  • **not spicy enough for us – so little disappointed w/lack of typical flavors
  • 11:30 – rain yet again!
  • 11:45 – need to go to sleep to get up for scenic cruising of Kotor bay

FUN-fact – Brindisi has been known as the “Gateway to the East” since ancient times, when it became an important port, first for the Roman troops, and later for the merchants of Venice.

Brindisi, Italy 2013 10