Word Of the Week #26: Consideration

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Consideration: thoughtful regard for others and their feelings.

Thoughtful Regard

Thoughtful Regard

How does it make you feel when someone thanks you for doing a great job or for doing something kind? It feels wonderful, right? Do you think there are people at work or family members that are deserving of a thank you?

When I was a child, I had a record with the verse, “There are two little magic words that will open any door with ease. The first little word is thanks and the other little word is please.” How often do you remember to say those “two little magic words?” And there are two more you can add, You’re Welcome!

Bill Main, who owned the Shorebird Restaurant in Northern California, says you need to spend thirty seconds each day with your employees, talking about their personal life and what they like to do outside of work. That creates a personal relationship and sends the message that you care!

This week focus on those “four little magic words,” Please, Thanks, You’re Welcome. Notice how it makes you feel to be more considerate and how the person receiving them responds with appreciation.

Reader Responses

“Great timing – did you read that Vijay Singh’s caddy just resigned his very lucrative job because of “lack of consideration” by his employer, Vijay. He would not even greet him in the morning, what a jerk! That is one of the reasons the golfing world does not like our first 10 million dollar winner!” — Kurt Bishofberger

“Excellent thoughts for the week! Believe it or not, I practice these at home and at work. Good stuff” — Don Vance

“Consideration . . . my husband happens to be one of the most considerate people I’ve ever known. I’ve always been one to say please and thank you, but my husband has really taught me to be much more conscious of how considerate I am in all situations. With him as an example, it has made me very aware of how I interact and respond to others, even to the point of saying “please” and “thank you” to our dog!” –Terry L. Green

“Thanks Susan. This past week I had a terrible miscommunication with a dear friend….and she forgot all this that you speak of…..I’m glad it’s this week’s word because it validated my hurt feelings….. we all ~ no matter what age ~~ need to be considerate! Thanks for your motivational stuff!” — Cathie Capolino