Testimonials: Women’s Groups

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“You really knocked their socks off! You provided customized content that the dealer employees could apply to there work place.”
—Kimberly Haverlock, District Manager-Ford Division
Ford Motor Company, Women’s Professional Development Conference

“You were exceptional and the 3,000 women who attended loved you. You made us look good Susan and we would love to have you back.”
—Susan D. Forrester, CMP Conference Coordinator
Central California Women’s Conference

“What can I say? You were sensational! Your energy and enthusiasm captivated our group and was very contagious.”
—Lynn Smith, President
Financial Women International, Inland Empire Group

“We felt that the presentation was relevant, to the point, practical, personal, and presented with a great sense of humor.
—Kris Penner, Program Chairman
American Business Women’s Association

“Not only were your two programs ‘Standing room only’ but 94% of the audience rated you as an excellent speaker and role model.”
—Susan D. Forrester, Conference Coordinator
Central California Women’s Conference

“Wow!!! Being a first timer to your dynamic presence I was mesmerized and what a tough topic. You made me tear up Great Job!!! I look forward to hearing more of your work. Please let me know when and where, and I will do my best to be in the crowd.”
—Cory E Sharp, Executive Director
Construction Outsource Group, Inc

“You are a very dynamic and passionate speaker and everyone is talking about how inspired they were and what a memorable experience you provided for them.”
—Judy Baker, Program Coordinator
Columbia Chamber of Commerce & Women’s Network

“Your knowledge, experience, humor and speaking ability placed “Your Attitude is Showing” as our most successful event of this program year.”
—Lisa Pugh, Vice President, Programming
Financial Women International, Orange County

“Having you for the Eighth Annual Women’s Conference was the best decision I have made all year!”
—Donna Cadwallader, Coordinator
Women’s Health Program

“Wow! Another great program featuring your dynamic and to-the-point style!”
—Darlene Sessions, Vice President
Financial Women International, Inland Empire Group

“You inspired your audience to take action! I have always had a special place in my heart for speakers, like yourself, who motivate others to new awareness by sharing their knowledge.”
—Beverly Weurding, Symposium Manager
Sharp Health Care

” This was the best session I have ever attended…thank you!!!”
“She is great…what enthusiasm!”
“I was inspired to make changes. Energetic speaker­ uses funny examples to punctuate her point! Practical suggestions to use in all aspects of life.”
“These are just a few of the many wonderful comments our women attendees had to say about you.”
—Susan D. Forrester, CMP Conference Coordinator
Central California Women’s Conference

“You were one of the best speakers we have had this year and a real joy to work with.”
—Robyn Schumacher, Secretary
San Diego Women in Travel

“Probably the best program of the day”I really believe I can change my attitude! I promise to be more positive! Dynamite!!”
—Carol Richardson, Program Coordinator
Clemson University

“The best speaker of the day! Excellent presentation, I know her message will be with me forever. Thank you! The response from our participants regarding the seminars was very positive and enthusiastic.”
—Karen Van Dyke, Executive Producer
San Diego Regional Conference for Women

“The exercise and group presentation was not only fun but also thought provoking at the same time. The talk was timely in providing our members with powerful, successful strategies in today’s market.”
—Vanessa Williams
Women’s Council of Realtors

“I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed your moving speech at the Cookie Lee convention this week. I have been struggling with this one person, and from your seminar I learned that I cannot change her, but I can change how I deal with me. I am now going to handle everything with ‘PMS’ and a sense of humor. I feel like I lost 50 lbs. (I wished I really did) just by looking at my life a little different.”
—Debra Casalegno, Unit Manager
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“I was so inspired by all that you said. You’re a wonderful speaker, and so gifted! Thank you for your wonderful insights and encouraging words. At our unit meeting last night, all the ladies said that you were their favorite speaker.”
—Romona Baker
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“We loved you and all the great knowledge you shared with us! I can’t thank you enough! I love the positive attitude you shared and I have tried to live that way   so thank you for talking about that issue over and over! I really learned so much!”
—Elza Clark, Consultant
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“I just wanted to let you know YOUR AN AWESOME WOMAN!!!!! Thank you for this past weekend. I am not going to let NO ONE burst my bubble anymore!!!! You inspired me to move on without the support of my family!!!! They’ll follow along eventually!!!! Thanks so much again.”
—Barbara Zepeda, Consultant
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“Your message moved me. You are very effective. I will forever be effected by your words.”
—Austin Arnold
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“Your speech specifically about body language, being genuine (being myself and just having fun) really helped. I had a great jewelry party last night and two ladies are very serious about signing up as consultants under me. That is 3 consultants I am signing up since convention. I have been trying to sign up someone for the last 2 years. Now I have three! I can’t thank you enough.”
—Janelle Dundore
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“I was at the Cookie Lee seminar on Saturday and had the good fortune to hear you speak. Wow! I felt so positive and energized! Thank you so much.”
—Anna Turner, Consultant
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“I was fortunate enough to have heard you speak at this year’s convention. You really hit home with me and I haven’t stopped thinking about what you said. I really would like to get a CD of The Fun-Damentals of Believing, Achieving & Succeeding as soon as possible.”
—Kathy Sladick, Unit Manager
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“You were the highlight of the convention! Your presence, your presentation, your bubbles — Ah!! Incredible!! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, your personal stories, and your heart.”
—Ginny Fedrich, Consultant
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“I truly loved your inspirational speech! I have already started exercising more positive thoughts and goals and I know that I can make this business work for me.”
—Angelic Lewis, Consultant
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“You are the best speaker I have EVER seen. You touched me on a personal level… I have been telling my husband all about you and have been repeating everything you said…. You were great.”
—Kimberly Rizzo, Consultant
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“I just had to tell you what a FANTASTIC job you did! This was my third CL convention and I gotta tell ya, she’s had some really ‘not so good’ motivational speakers OR maybe is was just that I couldn’t relate. I absolutely LOVED your talk and I could totally relate about the mom relationship.”
—Lori Taylor, Consultant
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“You were an AWESOME speaker and I loved what you shared with us. You were such an inspiration to all of us–my Unit of consultants raved about you!”
—Janice Lugo, Director
Cookie Lee Jewelry

Testimonials: Hotels, Resorts, & Spas

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“What a great “Attitude Adjustment” you provided our sales team. It was a high energy, action-packed and thought provoking morning.”
—Karen Gray, Director Sales & Marketing
Hyatt Hotels and Resorts

“Since we initiated the Spirit of Service video tapes presentation, I feel that the following improvements are a direct result of the videos:
* Dining room employees morale is improved
* Dining room cocktail sales are improving
* Appetizer and dessert sales have improved
* Waiter and waitress tips are increasing”
—Dennis Buffington, Assistant Manager
Best Western Regency Inn

“In my nineteen years here at the Hilton, I can’t recall a speaker or program that ‘connected’ better with our staff. You certainly exceeded my expectations in every respect and you can move me to the top of your very long list of satisfied clients.”
—Ron E. Nowviskie, General Manager
Daytona Beach Hilton

“Your seminar on Retaining and Motivating Your Winning Team was greatly appreciated.”
—Debbie L. Campbell, Vice President of Special Events
Days Inns of America, Inc.

“You not only kept us entertained with an interactive presentation, we were pleased with the way you focused on discussion and covered all key service issues requested.”
—Evan Studer, Executive Vice President Operations
Sunstone Hotel Properties

“I attended your program and it had the greatest effect on me. After listening to you speak I purchased your books. I feel so positive, and not a positive that fades, but a feeling I can work with and use. I feel once again that I CAN AND DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!”
—Julie Goff, Lounge Manager
Best Western Marshall Inn

“The extremely high level of enthusiasm kept everyone of our people one their toes. It was if our members were competing to learn from you!”
—Brad Schramm, President
Independent Hotels of America

Testimonials: Food Service

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“I attended your seminars at the Florida Restaurant Show, in fact, your seminars were the reason I attended the show. I’m an old guy that thinks my employees need to change to be like me, but know they will not. I really enjoyed your presentations. It was worth the trip.”
—J. Don Allen

“My employees heard and were positively impacted by your presentations at the Pizza Expo.”
—Fred Schafer

“I walked into your presentation at the CRA Show on Saturday (very) late. I wish I had been able to be there earlier… What I heard was of high value and very well presented.”
—Ken Whiting
Whiting’s Foods, Inc.

“Your unique presentation style and expertise offered invaluable insight that captured the audience’s attention.”
—Jaimie M. Ponzillo, Membership Services
New York State Food Merchants Association, Inc.

“Her ideas and enthusiasm created a level of participation that went way beyond my expectations.”
—Jim McClaskey, President
Hughes Markets

“Your presentation at the Deli Council was extremely motivating and we know the information we absorbed will help our sales in the future!”
—Dave Young
Wedemeyer Bakery

“Your participation was instrumental in making this our most successful conference!”
—Feltenstein, President
The Neighborhood Marketing Institute

“Your contributions made a significant impact on the overall success of our conference.”
—Sheila Crowley, Director, Member Services
Healthcare Food Service Management (HFM)

“The success of your presentations was obvious by the many positive comments received and the resounding responses we heard through the walls, in the hall, in person and on paper.”
—Carolyn Shouse Mills, Meeting Planner
Pizza Expo, Las Vegas

“Your insights provided us with many ‘tools’ and ideas we can use to exceed our customers’ expectations. Again, thank you for your time and making this learning experience fun, fun, fun.”
—Nancy Levendowski, Director, Foundation Dining Services
Cal Poly Pomona

“The message of providing good service, setting it as our highest priority and passing it along to each person in our organization who greets the public is one we may never lose sight of – and you reminded us with style, enthusiasm and FUN! As people said goodbye at the end of the conference, they all thanked me for finding you – you’ve made me a hero. ”
—Peggy L. Hobin, Manager of Training and Development
Lawry’s Restaurants, INC.

“Susan Clarke’s uplifting presentation was dynamic. As a planner, it’s very satisfying to know when a speaker says they will personalize the presentation that the homework is done thoroughly. Susan went above and beyond!”
—Michelle Conley, Meeting and Convention Director
Subway, Franchise World Headquarters, Inc.

“Your personal presence and presentation itself created an enthusiasm that was contagious and long-lasting among the franchisees, you clearly delivered the message in an exemplary and entertaining way.”
—Lance B. Benton, President
Buck’s Pizza

“I must say that my company staff members in attendance came away from your program with a new spirit of enthusiasm. You show a passion for the subject that is contagious!”
—Michael Rhodes, Orange County Chapter President
California Restaurant Association

“You gave the group practical information, presented in a fun and dynamic way…every one enjoyed your light hearted approach and all the good bubbles.”
—Sue Boehler, Franchise Field Consultant
Cousins Subs

“Your contributions made a significant impact on the overall success of our conference.”
—Sheila Crowley, Director, Member Services
Healthcare Food Service Management (HFM)

“Your presentations were all I hoped they would be: fast paced, encouraging, informative, and fun! Since your seminar, many of our key people have adopted a new refreshing approach to their jobs.”
—Martin McGuire
McGuire Management Group

“Everyone who attended has taken your words to heart and they are working to put them into practice and keep their PMA bags filled!”
—Rudy Spano, Dining Services Director
University of San Diego

“It is truly an honor working with such a professional and an expert in the field. Your seminar on service excellence was very well received. Thanks for making the trade show such a great success.”
—Carol Salomon Lo Verso, Director of Education
California Restaurant Association

“Your wonderful book is exactly like your informative and motivational seminar at the Western Restaurant Association Show. It is becoming a great tool in our business.”
—Kay Cannon, Marketing
TABLE CHECK, Seating Management System

“We have been using your training videos for the past year or so and I feel that this is an important tool for all of our employees, old and new to witness. This video is both fun and educational and gives us the opportunity to sit down and discuss our restaurant and our industry openly with our staff.”
—Todd R. Buchanan, Proprietor
Turners Mill Inn

“The Leadership Challenge was a huge motivator for our management team. The most common thing I heard was…’Why did it take me _ years to listen to what others were saying!!!’ I believe as a result of the ideas you shared we are less defensive and certainly more tolerant of others communication styles.”
—Candy Martinez, Cash Operations Manager, Dining Services
Cal Poly Pomona Foundation

“Susan was great. I would bring my entire staff to a Regional Scoopers Seminar run by Susan. She told the truth and was practical.”
—Sandy Hormel
Ben and Jerry’s

“Your presentations are consistently rated as one of the highlights of the entire meeting.”
—Susan Elliot, Retail Operations, Meeting and Special Event Coordinator
Ben and Jerry’s

“Debbie Fields is a tough act to follow! The bottom line is that Susan knocked all our socks off! She was the perfect complement of energy, motivation and insight.”
—Keith M. Gerson, Senior Vice President, Franchising & Licensing
Mrs. Fields Cookies

“Your enthusiasm and personal motivation was an inspiration for all who attended your sessions. We billed you as Dynamic and you certainly came through.”
—Dave Mckay, Director of Dining Services, Eastern Washington University
The National Association of College & University Food Services

“Thank you so much for conducting your ‘Four Walls Marketing’ Seminar at FRA’s International Foodservice Expo in Orlando. The comments from the participants were outstanding”
—Dan Murphy, Director of Membership and Education
Florida Restaurant Association

“Thank you so much for the incredibly inspirational words you delivered at our Unit Marketing Director’s Conference. The time you spent in preparation for the conference was apparent to all, as you connected so well with each of the participants on a personal level.”
—Sandy Whittle, Marketing Education Facilitator
Chick-fil-A Inc.”

Your presentation was informative and interesting and an important part of our educational programming.”
—Doni J. DeNucci, Executive Director
Iowa Hospitality Association

“Your marketing expertise was a key factor in the overall success of the program”
—Tom Feltenstein, Chairman
Neighborhood Marketing Institute

“The responses to the show overall and to the education has been phenomenal. You helped make our show a success!”
—Janet Kidd, Director of Education and Meetings
California Restaurant Association

“After your programs, I had many of our people coming up to me and thanking me for ‘letting them attend’. Some of their comments were: “She was natural and very much a “real” person.” “She knows the same frustrations we face every day because she lived it.” “I couldn’t wait for my shift to start so I could try out her ideas”
—Peter Sarris, President
T Bones Great American Eatery

“Your entertaining delivery and especially the personalized approach you took with Schlotzsky’s Deli was well-articulated and fun. It is amazing what changes occure when members of our system have the first-hand insight of an expert in customer service.”
—Laura Bernstein, Director of Public Relations
Schlotzsky’s Deli

“Once again, you were highly rated by our franchisees and managers. You have a magnetic personality and a strong message”
—Michelle Conley, Meeting and Convention Director
Subway, Franchise World Headquarters, Inc.

“She makes it very clear what positive attitudes can do for a unit and emphasizes leading by example.”
—Randy Hart, Vice President, Human Resources
Ryan’s Family Steak Houses, Inc.

“We were pleased with the size of the audience who came to hear you. You have our appreciation for a terrific job under less than perfect circumstances.”
—Gene Vosberg, FMP, Executive vice president
Washington Restaurant Association

“We wanted a speaker who was familiar with Subway and could relate this knowledge to our group with an upbeat manner. Your information on service was right on target and we thoroughly enjoyed how you got the audience involved with your ‘energy bubbles’ ”
—Sarah N. Hicks, Chairman, NC Educational Committee
Subway, NC Food Council

“Your message was a simple one, yet it addressed the issues that confront all of us in the hospitality industry head on, which is ‘you simply have to take care of our people, who in turn take care of your Guests.”
—Tom Griffith, Senior Director-Human Resources
Restaurants Unlimited, INC.

“Your Presentation was strong and you certainly set the tone to reinforce my presentation of our strategy and direction for the year.”
—James F. Simonson, President-Restaurant Division
Restaurants Unlimited

“Thank you for inspiring our management team to have more fun and help them realize that the ultimate responsibility as to the success of each shift lies in their hands.”
—Billy Downs, President
Mongolian Barbeque

“Your message was very dynamic and motivational and truly captured the audience.”
—Jason A. Anderson, Coordinator of Personnel
Concordia College, NACUFS

“As we’ve come to expect from you, your seminar was truly motivational, informative, full of practical tips, and fun.”
—Sandy Lien, Director of Education
Upper Midwest Hospitality, Inc.

“We appreciated your time, energy and sincerity with our group. Your ‘Regional Road Trips’ with Subway sent a lot of people back to their stores with good, useful ideas.”
—Michelle Conley, Meeting and Convention Director
Subway, Franchise World Headquarters Inc.

“Your presentation certainly exceeded all expectations and was very well accepted by our attendees. Great job.”
—Christina Chmura, Director Trade Show Marketing
Massachusetts Restaurant Association

“You provided us with a lot of valuable information that I hope all of our members will begin to put to practice.”
—Rosemary S. Panno, President
International Association of Hospitality Accountants, Mid-Jersey Chapter

“Not only was Clarke’s presentation informative but it was fun. If you have the opportunity to hire Susan Clarke at your show or conference, jump at it. She is the best.”
—Joseph Declan Moran, Editor of Pizza and Pasta Magazine
Pizza and Pasta

“Our guests and attendees comments have been very positive and encouraging. We even saw a few exhibitors attending your program.”
—Steve Montayne, Show Chairman
Michigan Restaurant Association

“I had heard so many wonderful things about you and had the chance to see for myself how true they are!”
—Janet Harrison, Director of Education
California Restaurant Association

“Our Subway Franchisees and managers again found your presentation valuable and helpful to their business. It seems you give them so many ideas to implement.”
—Michelle Conley, Meeting and Convention Director
Franchise world headquarters Inc.

“The feedback we received from the attendees was very positive and the attendees that we spoke with wholly enjoyed your presentation.”
—Virginia Curry, Expo Coordinator
New Jersey Restaurant & Hospitality

“Your presentations were right on target and received many favorable comments. You were again motivating for me and for all in attendance.”
—Tom Feltenstein
Tom Feltenstein Enterprises

“You’ve begun to develop a faithful following and your message is always enthusiastically delivered, up-to-date, and ful of practical ideas.”
—Sandy Lien, Director of Education
Upper Midwest Hospitality, Inc.

“I finished your book the very same night, .and feel so positive, and not a positive thing that fades but a feeling I can work with and use!
—Julie Goff, Lounge Manager
Best Western Marshall Inn

“My managers are more enthused than they have been for some time.”
—Al Hess
Rigel Corporation DBA Kentucky Fried Chicken

“I enjoyed your weave of personal and professional anecdotes supporting your topic.”
—Nancy Green Faus, Manager of Marketing and Brand Development
Target Stores

“We have a bit of a stiff group but you got them all laughing and having fun, just like we are supposed to be having fun at work and in life!”
—Georgia Kazimier, President, Sacramento Chapter
California Restaurant Association

“I loved how you drove those ‘Rule’s of Thumb’ and key points home, yet laced the presentation with humor personality and fun. Everyone’s buzzing with excitement about their work.”
—Samuel E. Kibler, Director of Human Resources
Hallrich Incorporated, Pizza Hut

“You have been recognized as being rated in the top of the class!”
—Michelle Conley, Meeting and Convention Director
Subway, Franchise World Headquarters, Inc.

“Those who were in attendance praised both the information and the style in which it was delivered..”
—Julie Lanthier, Membership Services Representative
San Diego Restaurant Association

“I’d like to personally express my sincere appreciation for all your hard work and extra effort in the Spring Marketing War Conference. We couldn’t have done it without you!”
—Tom Feltenstein
Neighborhood Marketing Institute

“I would like to compliment you on the content, delivery, and message of your service seminar. “Keep up the great work and the spreading of the message.”
—Keith Keogh, CEC, AAC, President
World Association of Cooks Societies

“Your participation was a pleasure for both our members and our guests. Thanks again for all your professional, excellent contributions!”
—Gene Vosberg, Executive Director
Restaurant Association of the State of Washington

“You were absolutely fantastic… the feedback from the audience has been tremendous.”
—Colleen McShane, Executive Director
Illinois Restaurant Association

“To say I appreciate your help in acting as a “guest lecture” is an understatement. The students are always challenged by your class, and feedback is consistently positive. Thank you!!!!!!”
—Tucker W. Main
Instructor, University of San Francisco

“Your enthusiasm and zest for the industry – as well as your solid knowledge of the industry – is obvious.”
—Sandy Lien, Director of Education
Upper Midwest Hospitality, Inc

“The two hours that you were on stage flew by and it was quite apparent, from the crowd’s response, that everyone remained not only attentive but intrigued throughout your presentation.”
—Deanna S. Erickson, Director of Marketing
Tastee- Freez International, INC.

Testimonials: Private Club Industry

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“Your experience, support, and encouragement provided tremendous assistance for our staff and myself during the U.S. Senior Open.”
—Frank Gregorich III, CCM, General Manager and COO
Des Moines Golf and Country Club

“Your program for the Arizona Chapter of CMAA was great. It was the one of the best workshops I have attended in a long time.”
— Geoff Williams
White Mountain Country Club

“I just wanted to thank you again for your presentation at the Quail Hollow Club. My staff that attended were full of ideas and sharing the next day. You are a dynamic speaker and perfect for the hospitality and restaurant industry.
— Steven F. Argo, Controller
Charlotte Country Club

“You provided us with a lot of valuable information that I hope all of our members will begin to put to practice.”
—Rosemary S. Panno, President
International Association of Hospitality Accountants, Mid-Jersey Chapter

“Susan made an easy day out of a great session of motivation and employee behavior”
—Chapter Education Program Evaluation
Greater Baltimore

“Everyone who attended and stayed for golf commented that you were simply one of the best programs that the chapter has had in many years. The highlights on how to handle Generation ÔX’ers and ÔWHYers’ was totally insightful and opened our minds to how to handle and interact with meaning with these younger employees”
—Buzz Colton, Educational Chairman
Club Managers Association of America, San Diego Chapter

“Your words were both enlightening and thought provoking. I walked away refreshed and ready to attack my workload with a new outlook and zest.”
—Derick Fors, 1st Assistant Golf Professional
Charter Oak Country Club

“I’ve never had six hours go by so quickly. The information was presented in a way to get the point across and keep us on the edge of our seats.”
—Timothy M. Bakels, CCM, President
Arizona Nevada New Mexico Club Manager’s Association

“Your presentation style and use of active participation kept the audience interested. It was very encouraging to see so many in attendance continuing the discussion after your presentation had ended.”
—Ronald A. Banaszak Jr.,CCM, Education Chairman
Club Managers Association of Southern California

“Excellent – Susan is engaging, enlightening.”
“Course content was very valuable.”
“Exciting, interesting and genuine.”
“Straight forward, good stuff.”
—The Canadian Society of Club Managers

“As hot as the room got, I hear you got even hotter with an enthusiastic presentation. Sorry for the air conditioning glitch.”
—Stephen M. Wilson, The Los Angeles Country Club
CMAA Assistant Managers Conference

“What my staff and I liked most about your presentation was your enthusiasm and ability to articulate ideas.”
—Felix Solomon, General Manager, The Faculty Club
CMAA of Northern California

“I have had Susan Clarke in my club for continuing education for my staffs and she has done an outstanding job of providing the foundation for positive attitudes and behavior on the part of the staff.”
—Peter Young, CCM
Jonathan’s Landing

“With this being the first formal presentation ever given to our staff, the only disappointment to come across was that they wish they could have spent more time with you.”
—Lance Cotton, CCM, General Manager
The Racine Country Club

“Well, you did it again! What an entertaining, energizing and educational time we had when you spoke.”
—Kevin Andriano, President
Iowa “Tall Corn” Chapter

“I cannot thank you enough. The education you provided was fabulous. I’m looking forward to applying many new learned ideas at my club”
—Kristen Lindsay, GM
The Nebraska Club

“You are so good at figuring out this thing called LIFE! You are so special and gifted in sharing the right stuff!”
—Cathy Hupp, GM
Stockdale Country Club

“Just as I had hoped, your participation contributed to the success of this conference.”
—Sharon Hantman, Director, Chapter/Member Services
CMAA Leadership/Legislative Conference

“I want to personally thank you for your outstanding presentation. You left them hungry for more information.”
—Kenneth R. Green, Education Chairman
Florida CMAA

“You obviously were well prepared and organized, and you captured everyone’s attention at the entire workshop.”
—Haissam Baityeh, CCM, Myers Country Club
Carolina’s Chapter

“You kept it fun and upbeat as well as delivering a great message.”
—John Beck, General Manager, Victoria Club
CMAA Southern California Chapter

“You distinguish yourself from many speakers by being well organized, energetic, focused and entertaining.”
—Susan T. Shehan, Education Chairman, Pine Lake Country Club
Detroit Club Managers Association

“We have received numerous positive comments from managers throughout the Midwest who attended the workshop. In my case, the workshop paid for itself in three days.”
—Mitch Marron GM/COO, Education Chairman
Mid America Chapter

“Not only did you make my workload effortless but you made me look like a genius for hiring you.”
—Jeff Belting, Vice President
Upper Midwest Chapter of CMAA

“The response from the staff has been very positive and beyond my expectations. You did a great job of holding everyone’s attention. I’m now being asked when you will return”
—Earl Anderson, GM
Greensboro Country Club

“All of the of the comments I have heard from other managers have been very enthusiastically positive.”
—Patricia A. Calder, CCM, Education Chairman
Carolinas Chapter

“My hat is off to you once again. Your program really lit a fire under my staff.”
—David D. Cecil, CCM,
Cherokee Town and Country Club

“We had many employees from all of our departments attend and our membership has noticed the attitude change.”
—J. Greg Pick, General Manager,
Westwood Country Club

“Fabulous! -Keep her around and bring her back.””Inspirational and filled with many new ideas that are easily implementable.”

“You made a sometimes unexciting subject fun and truly inviting.”
—Mark Fontana, Golf Shop Manager, De Laveaga Golf Shop
Northern California PGA

“The materiel was very timely and your presentation was professional, enlightening, and fun.”
—Jeff Belting, General manager
Upper Midwest Chapter of CMAA

“Eighty percent rated your skill at presenting those ideas as a nine or a ten. Those are outstanding ratings from our group.”
—David W. Jackson, Education Chairperson
Ohio Valley Chapter

“Our staff had a great day with you and our members are experiencing the results. I look forward to a tune up next year.”
—David P. Nightingale, GM
The Olympic Club

“Your expertise, enthusiasm, and sense of humor captivated us for the entire six hours.”
—Jo Sours, Chapter Secretary
Arizona Nevada Chapter CMAA

“Your topics are worthwhile and are presented in such a positive fashion.”
—Dennis Nighswonger, CMM
The Boulders Club

“Numerous positive comments have been received supporting your program. A number of clubs have expressed interest in bringing you back.”
—David M. Pendy, Education Chairman
Detroit Club Managers Association

“High, high energy. Good pointers. She reiterated positive pointers for my working environmentÐ things I knew already, but it was good to hear her take a negative element and turn it around to good.”
“We have heard nothing but favorable comments from the attendees as you can see.”
—Jim Antkiewicz, Education Chairman
The Professional Golfers Association of America

“Susan Clarke truly walks what she talks.”
—Bill Shonk, GM, Oakwood County Club
Greater Baltimore, National Capital, and Virginia Chapters

“You presented the material in a very enthusiastic and motivational manner, which we as managers could never duplicate.”
—George M. Juba, Chairman
Pittsburgh Chapter of the Club Managers Association of America

“Ms. Clarke performed in an outstanding manner. She continually held the attention of the entire assembly, making sure no portion of the room was left unattended.”
—David A. Theorsky, Education Chairman
Pittsburgh Chapter of the Club Managers Association of America

“Your informative and inspirational program was very well received by those who attended.”
—Michael C. Begley, Education Chairman
Club Managers’ Association of Philadelphia & Vicinity

“At this time I am still receiving many compliments and I must say you were a joy to work with.”
—Gordon A. Jefferes, President
Club managers Association of Philadelphia and Vicinity

“The best of its type I have attended in years! Very Informative – a great approach.”
— Club managers Association of Philadelphia and Vicinity

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