FUN-photos: A&K Private Jet Wild Life Safari – Kenya

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Rwanda to Kenya – 1.5 hrs – lose 1 hr – Angama Mara – 3 nights not 5*

8 am depart – 3 hr drive back down to airport – arrive Nairobi then board 45 min charter flight – 30 min safari jeep arrives camp at 4:45 pm – perched high atop the hill with breath taking views of the vast expanse of the Masai Mara

  • Day 1 – 4:30 wake up – 5 am drive for balloon ride & Champagne breakfast in the bush – game drive back 10:30

Opt out of afternoon game drive for a divine 90 min massage on our deck overlooking the Masai Mara

  • Day 2 – 7:30 game drive – overall disappointing with lack of animals compared to 2019

Take afternoon off and bush dinner is a disappointment as well.

Fun-fact: Our trip leader John, AKA SS Supervisor, lives in Kenya and his next-door neighbor runs Nairobi airport operations. Only handed passports to him and got them back on arrival at our camp.Kenya to Boston – 18hrs – Four Seasons – 1 night

October 27 – 5:30 am depart – more John airport connections so no immigration!

We had fuel stops in Malta & Shannon, IRE where the flight crew changed. We were so lucky! The new crew didn’t have the same energy.

October 28 – 8:30 pm – arrive Logan Airport – only short drive to hotel.

October 29 – Boston Commons is directly across the street from our hotel so have lovely stroll before taking a 5 pm non-stop flight back to San Diego.

  • Overview – Still had to go thru TSA but not main terminals – too much with all the time zones and felt like we jammed and slammed it.

Only place we had stayed before was Rathambore in 2016 and only saw a 1-pixel tiger – way, way ever so far away! Also, one of the hardest animals to get to see “up close and personal!” It’s pretty much a given that you will see the “Big 5” in Africa with four game drives.

WATC = What are the Chances! Xena clearly here with so many magical moments – Japan & the Macaques, seeing the tiger, feeding the lemurs, flying the plane, suite upgrade & easy gorilla trek with so many to see. Not everyone had it so lucky!

FUN-video: Northwest Passage Trailer – Greenland to Nome, Alaska

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FUN-photos: Northwest Passage – Montreal to Greenland

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We started our trip on August 23rd flying to Montreal then onto Greenland for the start of our 21-day cruise ending in Nome, Alaska.

These pix feature our western Greenland adventures. Icebergs abound, some 10′ high, mixed with the colorful houses and lots of great animal viewing!

FUN-fact: Ilulissat Icefjord – UNESCO World Heritage Site – is the sea mouth of Sermeq Kujalleq, one of the few glaciers through which the Greenland ice cap reaches the sea. It’s also one of the fastest and most active glaciers in the world.

FUN-photos: Northwest Passage – Part 2 – Cruising Canada

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With Greenland having massive amounts of ice cruising Canada felt disappointing. We had hoped to see more glaciers and animals plus someone brought COVID aboard and a total of 11 passengers had to quarantine!

That limited our stops of being able to experience the culture and people in the Inuit villages. The other land excursions we had were at the settlements of the early explorers and Thule archaeological ruins.

We would ONLY recommend this trip if you have an “undying urge” to be an explorer and walk in the footsteps of Sir John Franklin and Roald Amundsen.

FUN-fact: Smoking Hills in Franklin Bay – Underneath the rocks are layers of combustible sulphur-rich lignite – brown coal. And when they are exposed by erosion and landslides, they ignite and throw sulphurous gas into the air – the smoking effect.

FUN-photos: Sippin’ in Sonoma

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Got a Great little Getaway – hadn’t been in 16 years!

Reservations required made for…

nice leisurely visits to the wineries.


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