Word-Of-the-Week #902: Culture

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Culture – the set of predominating attitudes and behavior that characterize a group or organization.

How important is having work-life balance to you? Do you feel supported and safe at work?

This week is the last half of “6 Signs it’s Time to Quit Your Job” by Kathryn Vasel, CNN Business.

To recap:

“Millions of workers have left their jobs in recent months.

 Some found new roles, while others walked away without having anything lined up. So how do you know if it’s time for you to start looking for a new role? 

Here are some signs that could signal it’s time to find a new role: 

You feel like you’ve plateaued 

There are major issues with your boss 

  • You perpetually procrastinate 

We all put things off occasionally, but if you are constantly waiting until the last minute to complete work tasks when you used to schedule appropriately, that could be a signal it’s time to move on. 

“When you procrastinate, you tend to be reactive and wait until the very last minute and then the quality of the work becomes just a checklist just to get it done,” said Sheth. “Compared to ‘I do this because I have pride in doing this….I care about the results. Now the shift is: ‘I need to do just enough so I don’t get into trouble.’ 

  • There’s a cultural disconnect

 Your company’s culture plays a role in your engagement, productivity and happiness, so any disconnect can create problems. 

For instance, if work-life balance is important to you and there’s a constant deluge of emails from your boss at all hours of the day, that can contribute to burnout. 

Sheth said workers should feel supported and safe at work. How companies responded to the needs of workers during the pandemic has played a role in people deciding to leave their jobs, she added.

“If your company did not give you that support system, this is why people are leaving.” 

  • You’re noticing other potential opportunities 

When you feel unsatisfied with your current position, you start to notice other opportunities more frequently. 

“All of the sudden you start to notice job opportunities pop up on LinkedIn and you are actually slowing down and looking at them — your focus has shifted,” said Sheth. 

She suggested asking yourself: If you were unemployed and your current job was offered to you as it is, would you accept it or keep looking? 

  • Your attitude has changed 

Take note if there’s been an increase in your eye rolls, heavy sighs and under-your-breath grumblings at work. 

“If you find yourself over and over for months on end just being dissatisfied with different aspects of your job, being unhappy going to work, sitting down at your computer and thinking ‘ugh I cant believe I have to do this,’ that is a sign that you might need to look at what else is out there,” said Gallo.

 While you aren’t expected to be happy at work all the time, Sheth said always being defensive and providing snappy, transactional-type responses that are curt and supply limited information can also be warning signs. 

Shifts in your attitude and approach to work can be an indicator that it’s time to rethink things.“You aren’t pouring yourself into work the same way…maybe you are calling in sick and just not showing up to meetings that you used to show up to,” Bray said.

This week’s focus is on the company culture. How happy and/or satisfied are you working for your current employer? Have you ever caught yourself procrastinating? If you were unemployed and your current job was offered to you as it is, would you accept it or keep looking?

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