Word-Of-the-Week #829: Completion

June 25, 2020 by  

Completionthe act of finishing or ending.

Have you used this quarantine time to complete any projects? Did you ever feel “stuck” while needing to make a decision in the process?

Long time subscribers chimed in about last week’s WOW on being “in the mood.”

Amy wrote: “As always, your writing is inspirational, poignant and thought provoking.  I have found during this quarantine, the time, to consider the question of finding motivation, to be “in the mood” to accomplish a project.

For me I realized it boiled down to two things. The first, I would look at the whole project and feel overwhelmed and not start. The second was being paralyzed by decisions along the way. So, tackling the first I told myself, I didn’t need to complete it in one day and to just commit to start.  

Once I got started when I got stuck with a decision I would stop and put it aside. I found by giving myself time to mull it over for a couple of days that I would come to a satisfying conclusion. Then I would take up the project again. In between, I would find smaller “things to get done.” It has been a domino effect. With the completion of each task I find more confidence to keep going.”  

And this from Joe: Your WOW! reminded me of a Seinfeld episode where Jerry and George are chatting at the coffee shop about Jerry’s date the night before. Jerry tells George he was not in the mood to relate the details. George’s indignant response is: “I don’t have a job, I don’t have money, I don’t have a woman, and you tell me you’re not in the mood, Well, you GET in the mood.”

Even when I am not in the mood I start to slowly begin whatever project I have to do that day. What I try to do is just a little bit at a time to simply get started. If that is all I can do, well then, I will try to get back to it tomorrow.

I have found that by simply working on other tasks I start the “busy” process. It could be anything, like taking out the garbage or recycling or even doing the dishes. Just starting some kind of activity to get me out of a funk or lazy mood. And after I have started these mundane chores I am ready to sit down and begin the project.”

My personal experience when attempting a BIG project has been to question my ability to do it and thinking “Maybe I should just pay someone to do it.” The reason for that? Fear that I might make a mistake. Has that ever been a reason you did not tackle a project? When I take on any project, I need to give it 100% of my attention and stop doubting my ability to do it right. And for me completion feels really, really good!

This week’s focus is on completion. How do you feel about projects in general? Are you more apt to complete them ahead of schedule? Do you tend to put them off until the last minute? Have you ever doubted your ability even though you knew deep down you could do it?

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