Word-Of-the-Week #785: Uptight

August 22, 2019 by  

Uptight what you become when you don’t take time for relaxation!

So, how did you do relaxing last week? Were you able to reduce your stress by deep breathing? Did you take time to plan your next vacation? Did you connect with your friends? How much time did you devote to being “unplugged?”

This week I will share the other four ways on how to relax and reduce your stress that was featured in the Time Magazine article titled, “Six Ways to Handle Stress.”

  1. Exercise Regularly. It protects the heart, which is often the first to feel the effects of stress. Studies show exercise also helps maintain the brain’s ability to change focus quickly from one situation to another.

One of the things I love to do is walk. I don’t listen to head phones; I use it as my creative quiet time. Also, Pilates has been a life saver. I breathe completely differently as a result.

  1. Eat Plenty of Fruits & Vegetables. The antioxidants and other ingredients they contain counter-balance the inflammatory proteins the body produces under stress.

This is very easy for us. You’ve heard about Meatless Mondays? Well we don’t eat meat (but lots of wild fish) during the week and may splurge on the weekends. But even then it’s usually no more than 3 to 4 ounces. It’s very hard to gain weight, and easy to lose weight if you eat only whole foods.

  1. Don’t Stay Up Late. Irregular sleep increases the effects of stress on your body, setting you up for metabolic imbalances that increase your risk of heart disease.

This is only a challenge when we travel and have to deal with a lot of time zones.

  1. Do What You Love. Having a sense of mission about your job makes it easier to deal with inevitable setbacks. (You will still need to take those regular breaks from work.) And if you can’t find meaning in your job, look for it in a hobby or through participation in religious or community organizations.

Fortunately, we both loved our jobs and it never felt like “work.” I am still working part time (if the group is FUN) and both Chris and I have lots of things to do that keep us busy.

This week’s focus is how uptight you are. Do you exercise at least three days a week? If not, could you start by just walking? Are your eating a healthy diet of vegetables and fruits? Are you on a regular sleep pattern? Do you love your work? Do you have a hobby or an organization that supports your life mission?

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