FUN-Travel: Masai Mara, Kenya

July 30, 2019 by  

  • Depart 9:30 for Kenya flight…arrive 10:30 Tarime, TZ for drive to border…

…experience typical 3rd World Customs Chaos & Immigration Extortion!

  • Need yellow fever card (medical record proof doesn’t cut it)…

…so have to pay additional $100 + $100 for Visa fees.

Airstrip Gift Shop

…catch cheetah on high alert…lurking in grass ready to pounce…

…takes 3-day-old baby gazelle down.

  • Rest of day relax and get deep tissue massage. AHH!

FUN-fact – Night Noises – Howard the Hippo howls + elephants trample + baboons grunt & hyenas stalk.

Not so FF – This camp only has queen size beds which ain’t cutting it!


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