Word-Of-the-Week #763: Talent

March 21, 2019 by  

Talent possessing an innate ability, aptitude, or faculty for accomplishment.

How adept are you at finding a better or easier way to accomplish tasks at work? Are you receptive to new ideas from someone much younger than you?

This week’s WOW comes from long time friend Joe who had this to say about working with younger generations.

“What I have enjoyed most about younger workers I have dealt with over the years is that they are very adept at finding better and easier ways to accomplish tasks in the workplace. 

Their grasp of the potential of technology in the workplace has helped save time, energy and money.  

As much as they want to progress in their careers, they have a realization that it is just a job and it does not define them. Also, they realize that this is not going to be the only job they work in their lives, so if things don’t work out they will go someplace else. 

Now, that does not please a lot of old school employers who expect conformity in every aspect of the job. Younger workers like flexibility so that they can give their best in the time they are in the office. 

The young people I have worked with, in a number of cases 18 to 20 years younger than I, still had a respect for the knowledge and experience I brought to the table and they were not afraid to ask questions.  

Employers have to realize that they can’t be demanding in the workplace or they will continue to lose good, young talent. 

And it is the good, young talent that invigorates workplaces and keeps them competitive for the future.”

This week’s focus is on talent. Do you fully grasp the potential of technology in your workplace? Have you lost good workers because management was too demanding? How flexible is the company you work for?

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