Word-Of-the-Week #757: Rejuvenated

February 7, 2019 by  

Rejuvenatedrestored to youthful vigor or appearance.

When was the last time you felt rejuvenated? Do you have an exercise routine that you follow diligently? How disciplined are you when it comes to eating?

This week features the 2nd part of Kavita Daswani’s LA Times article, “To feel rejuvenated at age 95, try living fearlessly.”

To Recap: “Phyllis Sues is writing her first book, “20 Tips to Change Your Life,” pushing the notion that it’s never too late to develop at least a few healthy habits. She believes that the key to longevity and lasting health lies in remaining active, open-minded and unafraid to learn new things. And her big secret? She enjoys a steady diet of buttery mashed potatoes, bread, El Pollo Loco and nightly helpings of ice cream — but says it’s all in the portions. 

Here’s how she does it: 

  • Develop a routine

Every morning when you wake up, say out loud, ‘Good morning, good morning, I love this day, I’m out to play, I’m not going to delay.’ And then, do something. I do 20 minutes of stretching in bed before yoga. Sometimes I jump rope or lift weights. My living room is my gym. 

  • I have issues, but …

I have rotator cuff problems in one shoulder, a ruptured bicep, meniscus in the knee and neuropathy in my feet. I want to feel good. I want my body to be in perfect shape. And it’s very difficult as you age because things start to fall apart and you have to fight like crazy. It’s an uphill battle.  

  • Carbs, come on down

I’ve never weighed more than 100 pounds, but I can eat whatever I want. I just don’t eat a lot of it. Breakfast is a slice of cinnamon raisin toast with Irish Kerrygold butter, peanut butter and sliced bananas, and an espresso. I like El Pollo Loco chicken breast or thigh, nothing else with it, and I have it with a salad. I love mashed potatoes with butter and heavy cream. And every night, I alternate between Häagen-Dazs Coffee and Vanilla Bean ice cream. Mostly I eat alone, and I find I eat even less when I’m by myself. 

  • Move. Listen. Learn.

That is my philosophy. To be sedentary is terrible, so move. Dance, walk, anything, just move. Then, know how to face challenges, because there are so many out there. Receive them and respond to them, and learn something every day, a new language, a musical instrument; it will keep you all there. I’m so driven and I don’t give up; no matter how difficult something is, I will accomplish it.

This week’s focus is on feeling rejuvenated. Have you made excuses for why you can’t do something that you know would make you feel youthful vigor? How disciplined are you when it comes to eating? How would it feel to move more, listen more, and learn more every day?

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