FUN-travel: The Berkshires, MA

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“Without thinking too much about it in specific terms, I was showing the America I knew and observed to others who might not have noticed.”Norman Rockwell

  • 1916 – 1963 – His iconic illustrations grace the covers of 321 Saturday Evening Post’s.

  • 1963 – 1973 – Forms a new relationship with Look magazine.
  • 1973 – Establishes a trust to preserve his artistic legacy – places his works in the custodianship of the Old Corner House Stockbridge Historical Society – later to become Norman Rockwell Museum at Stockbridge.

The Studio

  • 1976 – In failing health becomes concerned about future of his studio – arranges to have his studio and its contents added to the trust.

Inside The Studio

FUN-fact: In 1977 Norman Rockwell received the nation’s highest civilian honor – the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


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