FUN-travel: Amazing Maalhosmadulu Atoll – Maldives Dive & Snorkel Report – Day 7

December 16, 2016 by  

  • Today’s Dives – only 1…can’t do more than that because of flying w/in 24 hrs…more scorpion fish…beautiful coral…rated VG!

1st & only Snorkel – saw several schools…longfin bannerfish…white collar & black pyramid butterflyfish…striped surgeonfish…but the best…was Oscar the Octopus…who put on a nice show…changing colors and textures… to match the coral…pretty amazing!

  • Also, reef is coming back as I saw yellow coral sprouting!

Dive Trip Rating – Steve has been diving for 45 years and gave this trip a 9+ rating due to the pristine & thriving eco-system…diversity of fish…reef activity…coral quality…turtles…variety of sharks…and manta rays…group cheers at dinner to a great dive trip!

Striped Surgeonfish

  • He also said this is for intermediate to experienced divers.

Favorite Fish Finds…group all agreed that nurse shark sanctuary….manta rays at night…and the wreck dive were major highlights.

Clown Triggerfish

  • Trip to Town on Dharavandhoo Island – 4:15…basically a chance to take a walk…same place we ferry over in our dhoni to get to the local airport…2 small stores…45 minutes and you’ve walked the entire island.

FUN-fact – The average temperature year round is a high of 84 and a low of 78.

Not so FF – Carpe Vita booking agent never told us (or anyone on the trip) that we were flying back to Male to catch our international flights until two days before our departure. In the mean time our flight time changed and we had to get off the ship at 4:15 am for a 6 am flight and then sit in the airport for 4+ hours! They just lost a whole lot of points…EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED…and a terrible way to end what would have been such a great trip. (as an aside… they changed the time we were to get off the ship three times… getting earlier each time, which did not work for me at all!)


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