Word-Of-the-Week #641: Circumstances

November 17, 2016 by  

Circumstancesconditions or facts that determine a course of action.

Are you accountable for your circumstances in life? Do you believe that you have control over them? What course of action did you choose today?

Roxanne Emmerich, a speaker that I have known for a long time, just released her book, THANK GOD IT’S MONDAY! In it she writes, “If Attitudes Were Contagious, Would People Want to Catch YOURS? Is today a good day or a bad day? It’s neither. It’s just another day. You assign the meaning.”

“So maybe there have been some things that happened today that you interpreted to be ‘good’ – your kid got news of good grades; a client bought a big deal from you. Or perhaps this is a day where you have a series of things you area-circumstance interpreting as being ‘bad’- the bus splashed you at the corner, and you’ve had wet socks all morning; your spouse had the nerve to pick a fight this morning, and you took the bait.”

“Well, regardless of circumstances, as you assign meaning, you are also choosing your attitude. You can have all kinds of ‘crud’ hit and still decide to enjoy the fact that you’re not six feet underground today. Whatever happened to you, your coworkers and clients deserve to have you ‘interpret’ the day as good and make your attitude contagious AND worth catching. ”

“And let me tell you, attitude is something customers notice immediately. If you want them to go away with a smile and come back next time with their friends, you need to be constantly vigilant about the attitude everyone is projecting. If most of you have positive attitudes, but the customer is exposed to one bad attitude, it reflects on all of you, on your whole company’s culture, and it will impact your business.”

“The only person who can make you have a bad day is you.” – Bernie, Catalina Limos

This week focus on your circumstances and your attitude about them. Are you able to make everyday a ‘good’ day? Are you able to deflect others ‘bad’ attitudes? Since Attitudes Are Contagious, Would People Want to Catch YOURS?

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