FUN-travel: Commanding Kumbhalgarh Fort & Jain Temple Treat!

November 12, 2016 by  

  • Wonderful World Heritage Site… this impressive fort…and the second largest fort in Rajasthan …is a towering presence… at over 3300 ft above sea level…with a massive wall that stretches some 36 km’s… and wide enough to take eight horses abreast…makes it the second largest wall in the world… after the Great Wall of China.


  • Built in the 15th century…then renovated in the 19th century…the surrounding hostile landscape… …coupled with 13 mountain peaks… 7 huge gates…and immense watchtowers…made it impenetrable.


  • There are a total of 360 temples inside the fort complex…300 being Jain…and 60 being Hindu.

FUN-fact – We would have never seen either of these if it weren’t for Marsha who was in the Galapagos with us back in 2012. She recommended we see the Jain Temple plus the tour company, Easy Tours of India. The fort was a huge surprise and getting to see it lit up at night was pretty spectacular!


  • Jain Temple…over 1444 marble pillars… with every inch intricately carved in exquisite detail… fill the temple…and all different… with no two pillars the same… all statues face one or the other statue.


FUN-fact – Incredible India is as fabulous as a 3rd world country can be.

Not so FF – And who takes advantage of tourists by charging camera fees! We find it offensive that tourists have to pay an entrance fee plus a camera fee. And at some sites bags are searched for cameras. And movie cameras are triple. Seriously? Every camera and phone takes video! Welcome to the 20th century.


  • This picture was taken on the outside of the “mini Jain temple” because we were only willing to pay for one camera out of principle!


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