FUN-travel: Slow Boat to Singapore – 6th Port – Mystery Island, Vanuatu – Day 17

February 14, 2016 by  

Thursday, February 11th 

  • An island is an island is an island…

2 Mystery Island, Vanuatu 2016

…and this one was just long enough for an eight-seater plane to land.

  • Uninhabited by night and filled with locals from the island next door by day. Outrigger canoes and small boats beckon today’s tourists to sailing, snorkeling, or to the sea turtles sanctuary.

45 Mystery Island, Vanuatu 2016

  • Our SIOP (Standard Island Operating Procedure) music included guitar strumming with the addition of a marimba made from liquor bottles of all sizes partially filled with water.

46 Mystery Island, Vanuatu 2016

  • The overgrown island vegetation has to fight for their piece of the sun and the sand. And that lush landscape pretty much covers a full spectrum of varying shades of greens with only a handful of colorful blooms.
  • Even the short rain shower as I headed back to the tender didn’t dampen my spirit of this sweet little island.

FUN-fact – The Vanuatu Archipelago is 800 miles long dotted with 80 islands and islets.

20 Mystery Island, Vanuatu 2016


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