FUN-travel: Slow Boat to Singapore – Serenity Sea Day Firsts

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Serenity Sea Day Firsts

  • Like the rings on a tree, you can tell the age of a ship by the number of electrical outlets in your stateroom. While this ship is a mere 13 years young, we only had one. Luckily, we at least got a power strip to keep our gadgets charged. And they were more than happy to secure a power cord to the wall so we could use our WaterPik in the bathroom.
  • Main Dining Room – In the last several cruises we’ve done I remember reading that “you can dine whenever you choose” so I was a bit surprised when I read from our travel agent that we were on the late dinner seating at 8:30. I didn’t recall ever being given an option when we booked our trip (or when we filled out all the pre-cruise stuff online) and our preference would be earlier rather than later. Our Maître d’ Leo has been very accommodating by allowing us to vary our eating times in the main dining room depending on availability. It’s been really FUN not having the same table each night with the same people. We like the variety of different conversations and experiences with our culturally diverse cruise mates.

FUN-food – Lunch at the Trident Grill – 1 medium rare Angus burger perfectly cooked by Andres the “Hamburger Man” IMG_0069on a heavenly toasted bun accompanied by crisp, thin, hot French fries – YUMMY!

  • My greatest accomplishment so far was venturing up to the fitness center on Deck 13 for the Pilates mat class hoping that I could “stretch and breathe out” that nasty little kink in my back. Now picture this, me and 15 other cruise mates (packed like sardines) attempting to follow the instructors lead and stay balanced for a 45 minute class on a ship rocking in rough seas!

More FUN-food – Dinner at Silk Road – Located on Deck 7 adjacent to Prego, this second specialty restaurant features Asian cuisine by Nobu Matsuhisa and includes The Sushi Bar. We savored a sampling of their signature seafood items including sashimi, salmon, and shrimp proudly presented by the very attentive waiters – VG!

  • In perusing the bar menu we spotted only one premium Gin. And one we’ve never heard of. Nolet is Dutch, and very smooth, and at $9 for a 2 oz pour, the house Bombay Sapphire tastes really, really good!

FUN-bonus – We received an invitation to a cocktail party and discovered that our travel agency is part of the Signature Collection. Apparently it is similar to Virtuoso in that you get extra perks. WOW was all I could say when I discovered that our $600 ship board credit was only for the first segment and we have 3 of them! That means a total of $1800! And we even got a fresh floral arrangement to boot! Oh and I almost forgot we got an upgraded stateroom too! For those of you who know me, “You can’t wear an upgrade.” We booked the least expensive picture window room and got one with a balcony. “Thank you Jerry for our nice birthday surprise,” I said.

  • Jerry Zeller has worked for National Discount Cruise for over 20 years and has been great to work with. He has beat Costco Travel for perks and upfront pricing and depending on the cruise line you may get cash back. He says to let him know that we sent you and that “each cruise line has different perks” and he can only extend what they offer. He can be reached at 800-788-8108 xt105.


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