FUN-travel: Slow Boat to Singapore – 4 Days at Sea

February 1, 2016 by  

January 25th – 29th – Sea Day Highlights

  • The hardcore arrive early, take their seats, and patiently await the team of Baristas who will breathe life into La Cimbali – the God of the perfect cup! The Bistro espresso bar rapidly awakens to a crescendo of whirring, whizzing, clattering, & chatter. The aroma of freshly ground beans permeates the air. Ahh…my favorite way to start the day!
  • The deep slate seas consistently churn 6 to 10 foot swells for the first three days, and even with the aid of an Ambien, a full night’s sleep has escaped us. Our 360 degree ocean view doesn’t change except for the frothy bright turquoise waters left in our ships wake.


  • On the Deck 7 track, 10 laps roughly equal 3 miles. My first venture out produces 12 laps in 52 minutes despite the challenge of what feels like gale force winds pushing me backwards at the turns and the degree in which the swells cause the ships rapid rises and drops. It feels as if I am riding a teeter totter or “sea saw” without a board to sit on.

FUN-food – Dinner at Prego – I opted to order each of their signature dishes on our first visit – Carpaccio, mushroom soup, appetizer portion of lasagna & rack of lamb. Followed by a splurge of homemade vanilla & chocolate gelato – VG!

  • Not surprisingly, I was way too easily lured by the daily Massage Special – 25 minute head, neck & shoulders followed by 25 minute feet, ankles & legs! To stretch out my spa time so I could savor more of it, I worked up a nice sweat in both the dry and steam saunas.
  • Our temperamental “Weather God” has greeted us with skies that have gone from dark and dreary, to bright full sun, and then back again. As we head south, for every hour the clock turns back, we gain five degrees of warmth.

FUN-fact – The library has a vast & varied CD collection. They only allow you to checkout 2 at a time so Chris has made 15 trips and downloaded 465 songs to date.



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