FUN-travel: Idaho – Rafting Middle Fork of the Salmon River – Day 5

August 31, 2015 by  

  • Bright sun and cobalt blue skies greeted us this morning and we had yet another beautiful warm day. Our stop included a hike up to Veil Falls, which was the most challenging thus far. The steep assent and loose gravel made it hard to keep my footing. But the end result was worth it. A narrow stream of water flowed from high atop a massive rock amphitheatre-like-cavern that ended in a shallow pool below.
241 Middle Fork of the Salmon River 7.15

Bald Eagle

  • As I stood at the base and looked up, the waterfall swayed like a pendulum as the wind shifted. And because it was so high, by the time it reached me at the bottom, the droplets varied from a mist to that of a rain shower.
  • Our wildlife highlights of today’s adventure were spotting a brown bear foraging for food along the side of the mountain and a bald eagle perched high in a dead pine tree.
  • For the last portion of the afternoon I hopped on the oar boat to get a taste of “real” white water rafting. Mr. T had said this section of the river was a good opportunity as there were more rapids. (The only other “real” white water rafting I have done was the Kern River and it was a pretty intense two days.)

239 Middle Fork of the Salmon River 7.15

  • Our “Testosterone Fueled Happy Hour Entertainment” was provided by two of our guides who dove into the river, swam to the other side, and attempted sheer rock climbing. (I am not sure if anyone won.)

FUN-food – Our last dinner was Prime Rib! We had great desserts every night, but I don’t eat them very often so I didn’t keep track of them.

  • Then for more FUN our guides brought out a box of crazy clothes and we all donned mix-matched outfits for a group photo op.
248 Middle Fork of the Salmon River 7.15

Our Guides

FUN-fact – The Middle Fork is a 104-mile free-flowing river that moves through a variety of climates and land types; from alpine forest to high mountain desert to sheer, rock-walled canyon, the third deepest in North America.

More FF – It ranks #3 on National Geographic’s list of the Top 10 Rafting Rivers in the World. It flows through America’s largest roadless wilderness area outside Alaska. Only a few trails, landing strips, private ranches, and Forest Service stations are evidence of man’s intrusion.


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