FUN-travel: Idaho – Rafting Middle Fork of the Salmon River – Day 4

August 28, 2015 by  

  • This morning was a bit brisk and after yesterday we were totally prepared. We took every precaution to not be cold, so we had every layer on. After the usual morning drill of a leisurely wakeup, hearty breakfast and breaking down camp, our “motley crew” hopped on their rafts of choice and floated down river. The skies cleared and the full sun was warming us up quickly, so the fleece was the first to come off followed by the long underwear.

180 Middle Fork of the Salmon River 7.15

  • First stop was another hike up to see more Indian Pictographs. After another great lunch we continued on with our next stop at the Flying B Ranch. We all got to pick an ice cream treat from the store. As we departed a flock of Canadian Geese flew in and landed on shore. The rest of the afternoon was pretty calm water as we lollygagged down river.
233 Middle Fork of the Salmon River 7.15

Flying B Ranch

FUN-food – Dinner tonight was huge think cut pork chops and dessert was s’mores by the campfire.

  • And tonight’s camp fun was glow-in-the-dark Bocce Ball. It was the first time I had ever played and we had loads of fun with the challenging terrain.
235 Middle Fork of the Salmon River 7.15

Our Bathroom With A View