FUN-travel: 2nd 2015 Road Trip – Idaho – Rafting Middle Fork of the Salmon River

August 21, 2015 by  

170 Middle Fork of the Salmon River 7.15

  • We stayed overnight in Stanley as our trip started there at 8:15 in the morning. Because the water level was so low, and we would have had a bruising and exhausting time trying to maneuver over and around all the rocks, they flew us down river 25 miles. That’s why we chose Sobek Mountain Travel for our rafting adventure. Everything was “first class” and taken care of so we could just sit back and enjoy the ride.
  • After our raft briefing (we had 3 options – rubber ducky kayak, paddle or provision raft) we
    177 Middle Fork of the Salmon River 7.15

    End of the Hot Springs

    opted for just chilling and not doing a thing on one of the provision boats. Taylor Wilcox aka Mr. T was our guide and he was the best. Extremely experienced, laid back and FUN! His self proclaimed title is “Professional Leisurest.” And he does it very well.

  • We meandered down the river for awhile before we stopped to take a hike up to a deserted mine and have lunch. Then we continued down river and stopped at a natural hot springs. For the most part the rapids were light and easy.
  • Along the way we spotted a golden eagle flying and an osprey nest perched atop a dead 40’ pondersona pine. The skies were a deep blue with an occasional big white puffy cloud floating by. Douglas firs and cottonwood trees dotted the rocky river’s edge.

FUN-food – We had happy hour wine with salami, cheese, and crackers before our dinner of fresh wild salmon, couscous, asparagus, and a spinach salad.


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