FUN-photos: Baja Wilderness & Whale Adventure – Guerrero Negro

March 17, 2015 by  

  • On February 26th, we flew from Bahía de Los Ángeles to Guerrero Negro for the second half of our adventure – to see the gray whales up close and personal. We had three separate boat tours over two days in Laguna Ojo de Liebre, which consists of two lagoons – an inner and an outer – and are part of the Vizcaíno Biosphere Reserve UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • We had no idea how massive the lagoons were or how many whales we would see. We were told that this is the week they do the official count and believe there were a record 2200 in this lagoon alone. The Mexican fishing boats, called pangas, are about half the size of a full grown gray whale, and enable you to be at water level in order to have direct contact with the whales as they swim in these pristine waters.
  • And it was on our last trip out to the inner lagoon that I found my favorite whale. I named her Regina del Mar, as she was so regal, graceful, and queen-like. She gave me the most pets and was just such a sweet and gentle soul. I left thinking, “She is the reason I came and she made my adventure truly magical!”


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