FUN-travel: Baja Wilderness & Whale Adventure – Las Animas – Day 3

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Cruising and Clam Digging

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Sea Lions & Seagulls Sunning

  • Once again we were awakened by another magnificent sunrise. This morning’s breakfast was scrambled eggs, refried beans, and cheese quesadillas. We made sure we were sufficiently sated for our morning adventure on the sea. The good news was the winds were gone and the water was like glass. We were given the option of either taking the boat that was in search of more good fishing or the scenic cruise just simply enjoying the wildlife. I opted to try my luck at fishing and Chris chose the latter in hopes of getting some great photos.
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Finback Whale

  • At 9:00 we motored off and cruised out of our small cove headed to our first destination; a small island covered with sea lions and seagulls sunning on the rocky shoreline. Then within minutes of heading deeper into the Sea of Cortez we spotted a pair of huge finback whales.
  • In our quest for finding another “feeding frenzy” we came upon a school of over 30 dolphins. As we approached, it became apparent that they were ready to play and frolicked in the wake of our boat, putting on quite a show.

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  • We dropped our lures in several spots but to no avail. The yellowtail just weren’t biting today. So as we headed back we detoured around several of the small islands that jut out of the sea and saw more blue footed boobies, cormorants, egrets, herons, sea gulls and pelicans resting and nesting on the steep, jagged slopes.

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  • Lunch was more great food with carrot soup as our starter followed by chicken tostados. Then it was a short siesta before our afternoon boat excursion to the opposite side of the cove to see the mangroves and to go digging for oysters and cockle clams.
  • Today’s happy hour treat came from the fruits of our labor again; this time, two trays of clams and oysters, with fresh chips, guacamole, and salsa. That was followed by a spectacular sunset before we feasted on more marinated, grilled yellowtail with rice and a salad. Then we warmed ourselves around a beach bonfire before calling it a night.
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Clam Digging

FUN-Finback Whale Facts – Second in size only to the blue whale, the finback reaches about 70 feet (21 m) in length and weighs up to 70 tons (64 metric tons). It shares with the blue whale the distinction of having the deepest voice on earth.

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Spectacular Sunset



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