FUN-travel: Baja Wilderness & Whale Adventure – Las Animas – Day 2

March 7, 2015 by  

Hiking & Hammocks

37 Baja California Adventure 2.15


  •  We awakened to a vibrant sun rise after a wonderful night’s sleep. Streaks of orange, yellow and red filled the morning sky. After some nice hot steaming coffee we were treated to a breakfast of huevos rancheros with fresh refried beans, avocado, and homemade salsa.
23 Baja California Adventure 2.15

Our Yurt

  • The wind had kicked up during the night, so this morning’s plan was a hike in the 34 Baja California Adventure 2.15mountains, as the sea was too choppy and rough to go out in the boats. We headed west toward the mountains and discovered lots of different types of cactus and rocks along the way. Those who wanted more strenuous exercise climbed up to the top of one of the hills. Several of us opted for a shorter version and then strolled back on the beach collecting sea shells along the way. The beach was overflowing with unbroken, fully intact shells and sand dollars of varying sizes and colors. After a short break I ventured back out to look for more specimens. The wind was blowing so hard the sand on the beach stung my bare feet.
  • Then it was time for an ice cold Pacifico before we savored today’s lunch of chicken tortilla soup. Accompanied by bowls of chopped onion, cabbage, crispy corn tortillas, and more sumptuous salsa our tummies were pleasantly full.
  • The wind did not die down after lunch as anticipated so our afternoon boat trip was canceled. Each of the yurts included a covered patio with chairs and a double-sized hammock. Some in our group chose to simply relax or read a book. We on the other hand opted for yet another siesta.
35 Baja California Adventure 2.15

View From Hike

  • Yellowtail ceviche was our happy hour treat today, followed by dinner of breaded and sautéed yellowtail cutlets, salad and broccoli.

FUN- food Fact – Every morning at 6:00 we were treated to fresh baked chocolate brownie muffins (still hot from the oven) and a variety of cut fresh fruit.

28 Baja California Adventure 2.15


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