FUN-travel: London, UK to Home, Sweet, Home!

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Day 56 – Tuesday, August 26 – London, England to HOME! – full on clouds – high 50’s


  • 8:00 – Costa coffee in terminal (need some exercise)
  • Leisurely packing up
  • 12:00 – check out
  • *12:20 – arrive British Airways T5
  • 12:30 – check in
  • 12:35 – breeze thru security – no lines – a 1st for sure!
  • ** – no hassle except Chris forgot to take his laptop out
5 London, UK 2014

Tower Bridge, London

  • 12:45 – BA biz lounge very nice selection of food
  • – hot buffet w/soup and salad bar
  • – wine bar has 4 each red & whites
  • 2:15 – head to B gates via train
  • 2:30 – arrive
  • 2:45 – board plane
  • 3:35 – TAKES OFF ON TIME!
Margeriedal, Greenland 15

The Bridge on Le Boreal


  • *can’t check in until3 hrs before flight
  • **BIG mistake! – now he has to go thru full pat down/sweep for bomb detection

FUN-fact – Captain Garcia was lots of FUN and let us come to the bridge anytime.

More FF – We got out of Reykjavik and London just before the Bardarbunga volcano erupted!

Margeriedal, Greenland 13

Our Zodiacs

 Trip Recap – Travel is very personal!

  •  I have 2 Travel Motto’s
  • – I want to be surprised and not PO’d
  • – It’s 5 o’clock somewhere and I want to be somewhere by 5 o’clock

The more I spend the pickier I get

I should never to ask for or be denied anything when it is billed as all inclusive – and on our A&K cruise (which is by far one of the priciest we’ve been on) we experienced being told they were out of sparkling water (but my fridge had some) – being out of red wine the 2nd day – not having a wine opener at the bar twice (I went to my room and got mine) it’s good to be resourceful!

Northern Lights (1)

Northern Lights

Lessons Learned

  • Size matters when it comes to a room or cabin. I now check to see how big they are prior to making reservations. Be aware that cruise ships add the outside balcony to room size. Most of the time all the rooms are the same size just on different decks. The lower cabins tend to be less expensive and have less movement/rocking if the water is rough.
  • It’s better to be a really good 4 star than a mediocre 5 star.
  • I wouldn’t do a massage on a Russian Riverboat or anywhere else in Russia unless it was at the 4 Seasons. But then I would never pay for a room that expensive, so it would never happen!
1 Bardarbunga Volcano, Iceland  2014

Bardarbunga Volcano



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