Word Of the Week #542: Holidays

December 24, 2014 by  

Holidaysfestive; joyous times free from work or studies.

How do the holidays make you feel? Do you travel to be with your family? Do you spend time with family that lives out of town?

Since today is Christmas and I am “free from work” I am running this past WOW. Long time subscriber John always makes me belly laugh when he replies to my WOW’s. This is what he wrote after my WOW on family.

“I recall a quote from an elderly Aunt of mine back in the 50′s that always stuck in my mind which occurred after a family “tiff” during the annual Thanksgiving family get-together many, many years ago.

Three members of the family were particularly known for getting on each others last nerve.  During a particularly “animated discussion” my Aunt, who was known to enjoy her homemade Elderberry wine, stood up and proclaimed, “A toast to Thanksgiving, that special time of the year that we get together to remind us why we all moved apart.”

a holidayThe saying goes, “You don’t get to pick your family, but you do get to pick your friends.” You may not be able to control their behavior but you can control yours. You can either choose to not be reactive or to not be around them. My mother used to tell me to “ignore your brother” a lot. As I have gotten older I don’t need to ignore him as much as just understand “he is who he is.” And “I am who I am.” We get along a lot better now!

This week’s focus is on Holidays. Do they make you feel festive and/or joyous? Or do you feel stress? In a perfect world what could you do to make them more joyful? What behavior could you change to reduce your stress?

And just for a little FUN, stressed spelled backwards is desserts! Maybe you need more of those. Here’s to having a wonderful Holiday!

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