Word Of the Week #534: Tone of Voice

October 30, 2014 by  

Tone of Voice – style or manner of approach in speaking.

Did you know that when you speak over the phone with a smile it completely changes your tone of voice? Are you conscious of how loud or how softly you speak? Does your tone of voice change when you get excited or want to make a point?

This is #3 of my 7 Simple Steps of Service. Did you know that 38% of your message is relayed by your voice? That includes your tone, rate of speech, accent, inflection, pacing, projection, and so on.

The words you choose to speak are important, but they are just part of your message. And like I wrote last week, only 7%! Your customers, members, guests, clients (and even loved ones) will always go for the visual signals and tone of voice over the actual words spoken. Remember, you are the message!a voice

Did you also know that your tone of voice and pitch will raise and your voice will tighten if you are not telling the truth when asked a question?

For those of you who spend a lot of time on the phone, your tone of voice becomes your eye contact! Stop and think about how fast you are speaking and how sincere your tone of voice is coming across.

And this response hit home for me too! “Boy is this WOW aimed right at me! My daughter and granddaughter are always jumping on my case about my tone of voice. We get in more “discussions” because of how they perceive my tone of voice. When talking with clients or prospective clients, though, I make it a point to smile when I’m talking, and make sure that I am projecting a pleasant tone.” — Terry

This week focus on your tone of voice. Do you tend to talk fast or slow? How would you rate your inflection? Are you projecting a pleasant tone of voice? Have you ever tried smiling when speaking over the phone?

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