FUN-travel: Day 13 – End of Uniworld River Cruise

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Day 15 – Tuesday, July 15 – End of Uniworld Cruise

St. Petersburg, Russia 2014 67

Peter the Great on Horseback

Moscow, Russia 2014 56

Red Square


  • 7:00 – decent coffee
  • – Chris brings me Starbuck’s Via instant!
  • – forgot he had it
  • 8:15 – fruit & sandwich to go
  • Finish packing
  • 9:20 – up to lounge
  • – hang out until airport
  • – catch up on writing these
  • Plenty of AC up here!
  • 12:00 – light lunch buffet – soup & salad
  • 1:30 – depart for airport
  • Ready to leave Russia!


  • 5:00 am – foot cramp!
  • Wake up w/stiff back

Uniworld River Cruise Recap – Russia is not Europe. I thought it would have the charm and beauty of the other river cruises we have experienced but it didn’t.

  • As for the ship, it was not up to Uniworld standards. The food, wine and dining room staff were not of the caliber and quality we had in France. It is owned and operated by Russian’s. Uniworld has a presence on board. That’s it.
  • As for the room, size does matter! 12 days in a small room (135 sq ft) takes its toll.  Also, I have long contended that you have no control of the temperature in your room on any ship (even though they have controls on the wall) and that was certainly true for this one.
St. Petersburg, Russia 2014 89

The Hermitage

  • As for the excursions, some were better than others. They did a good job of having local guides with small groups. Moscow was better than St Petersburg because there were a lot less tourists from ships. My preference is to always do a private tour.

FUN-fact – The Volga River is the largest and longest river in Europe at 2292 miles long.
More FF – Russian architecture is often referred to as “cake tiered.” And Russian church domes look like “onions with candles on top.”
More FF – There are no single family homes in the city of St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg, Russia 2014 59

Me, Chris, Norga & Chris at Opera


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