WOW Word-Of-the-Week #507: Branding

April 23, 2014 by  

Branding the promise of the value you will deliver.

Do you have a personal, professional brand? What qualities are you known for that could get you that new job or the promotion you want? What does your professional reputation say about you?

This week’s WOW comes from a San Diego Union article titled, “How to build your personal, professional brand.” Personal branding is an elusive topic to most people, yet it is important for career success. Wise professionals with career success know it can mean the difference between landing that dream job and never getting noticed.

“You may think you don’t need a brand, but the reality is that you already have one,” says Jana Fallon, vice president, Executive Development for Prudential Financial. “By managing that professional reputation you already have, you increase your chances of being known for qualities that can land your dream job or get you noticed by a company you have always wanted to work for. If you do start actively managing your brand, you can find real power in knowing and sharing what your unique differentiators are.

a brand

 Fallon recommends five specific actions you can take today to improve your brand reputation. This week I will share the first one.


Build your brand by first defining what you want that brand to be. To make this simpler, it should include no more than three or four characteristics that describe what you offer or aspire to offer. It is good to be aspirational but it also must be realistic. If you are having trouble getting started, begin by asking people you trust what they immediately associate with you. Ask for honest feedback and listen to what you hear.

This week’s focus is on your personal branding. What are your top four characteristics that describe what you offer? Who do you trust to give you honest feedback on this?

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