FUN-travel: Prague to Palermo – Trip Recap

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Kotor, Montenegro 2013 46

Kotor, Montenegro

Trip Recap – Prague to Palermo

  • Travel is very personal! Our perfect vacation is a mix of land touring and cruising. We did more driving than we than would have preferred. We like the freedom of having a car but don’t like the stress of driving on teeny, tiny & unmarked streets. Spain had better road markings and signage for sure!
  • We drove a total of 777 kilometers on the first part from Munich to Vienna. Then we drove another 1949 kilometers in Italy going from Rimini to Palermo.
  • Food in Italy was not as good as I remember 15 years ago. Cappuccino/espresso not as good as Chris remembers. Best pizza by far was Pizzeria Franco in Sorrento followed by the auto/truck stops and in Terrasini at Arabesque. Best caprese by far was Spazi in Rimini.
  • I was sorry I finally figured out the last two days that if you want to stop in a town, find out where to eat on TA (TripAdvisor) and then program the GPS. Common sense would assume the Piazza would have restaurants (WRONG!) which was not the case in Siracusa, Sicily. Wasted time and too much frustration! Not to mention a crappy lunch.
Rovinj, Croatia 2013 6

Rovinj, Croatia

  • I like to stay 3 nights in the same city at the same hotel, which gives us 2 full days. The only time that changes is if the city is small like Salzburg or Füssen. We had 6 days total in Sicily and chose to spend 2 nights in 3 cities so we weren’t schlepping bags. In retrospect, I would have liked to stay in Agrigento and Siracusa. And more time in cute little Noto!

Favorite Places – Croatia and Montenegro were wonderful surprises. Loved the small, quaint charm of Füssen, Germany and going anywhere in Italy! It will always be at the top of my list. Taormina was off the charts!

Taormina, Italy 2013 35

Taormina, Italy