The FUN-damentals of Creating a World Class Organization

December 11, 2013 by  

When I met my husband-to-be Chris 11 years ago I told him, “I am in your life to teach you how to retire. You cannot go at the pace that you do every day and just stop. You need to practice.” He was in charge of a very large organization and ran it 24/7. His idea of a vacation lasted 7 days (14 if it involved international travel) and if he was bored came home early.

So while the economy was recovering, I spent the last 5 years helping my husband who was “recovering from work deprivation.” After 45 years with the same company, in a job he loved, it became my job to teach him how to have FUN not working.

The first big “retirement trip” was Asia – 4 countries – 31 days. When he asked me, “Why are we coming home so soon?” I replied, “I guess we don’t need to come home do we?” And so we added another 20 days in China.

In the summer of 2014, we spent 56 days starting in Russia, cruising the Baltic Sea, touring Northern Europe, heading to the Arctic in search of Polar Bears, then to Greenland and ending in Iceland.

Since January, 2010, we have spent 424 days traveling outside of the US and over the last 10 years our travels have included all 7 continents and Cuba.

If you’re ready to create a “World Class” organization, I can help you to do just that!


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