WOW Word-Of-the-Week #481: Charismatic

October 25, 2013 by  

Charismatic possessing personal magnetism that enables an individual to attract or influence people.

Who of the people in your life is charismatic? Do you have a strong handshake? Are you good at making eye contact?

This week’s WOW is the follow up to last week’s Henry DeVries article titled, “Five Ways to Win Someone’s Trust Without Speaking,” taken from Marvin Brown’s book “How to Meet and Talk to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime: Simple Strategies for Great Conversations.”

3.     Use a handshake to intensify the moment. A strong handshake is absolutely essential, no matter what your gender. But this underused gesture is for more than meeting someone the first time. A handshake when ending a conversation delivers a physical punctuation mark that makes your encounter more memorable.a charisma

4.     Add an extra second of eye contact when shaking hands. Always look the other person in the eyes for a full second, while smiling, before letting go of your hand. This extra moment has a tremendous impact; it makes you seem charismatic.

5.     When listening, complete the “communication circuit” with your eyes. Give face-to-face attention and make eye contact with the person who is speaking. This simple gesture completes the invisible connection between speaker and listener.

“Experts say it takes anywhere from five seconds to five minutes to make a first impression,” says Brown. “Either way, the process begins immediately – even before you speak. That’s because you’re already communicating – using body language.”

This week’s focus is on being charismatic. How often do you shake hands at the end of a conversation? Are you good at making and keeping eye contact with your customers, guests, members or clients? Are you a good listener?