WOW Word-Of-the-Week #454: Competent

April 17, 2013 by  

Competent having sufficient skill, knowledge, etc.; capable.

Do you think being competent is all you need to do a good job? Have you ever had bad service from a person who was capable and had the skill and knowledge? Have you ever thought about all of the qualities that create a great service experience?

When we were on this last vacation we had superb service more than once. We took our first Silversea Cruise and had heard ravea competents about the service staff. After the first week they wanted feedback from us. I immediately listed four people who I felt had given me “extra special” service.

After the second week Chris said to me, “You know Anthony is really a good waiter.” He didn’t stand out like Evan (my favorite waiter) so I started to pay more attention to him. Then I took it upon myself to try to determine all of the qualities that contribute to the “total customer experience” that I was feeling.

I am not sure of the exact order of importance but I know that you have to have the skill and the knowledge to start with. And what you need in addition to that is the confidence that you are competent to handle your responsibilities. And with confidence you then become more comfortable.

Those are the qualities needed to do a good job and the stuff that “blows your customers socks off” are when you create a connection with them. That’s next week’s WOW.

This week’s focus is on being competent. Do you have the skills and knowledge to do your job? If you have staff have you trained them so they are competent to do their job?  Do they have confidence and are they comfortable doing their job?