WOW Word-Of-the-Week #452: Request

April 3, 2013 by  

Requestto express a desire for; ask for.

How comfortable are you making a request? Have you ever asked for something that you felt was “pushing the envelope?” Do you feel more entitled to make a request if you’re paying top dollar?

We just took our first Silversea Cruise and met Larry and Kathy who have cruised with them before. When I made a comment to Larry about suggesting to the chef that we should have another Mexican theme lunch he said to me, “Susan, you just need to ask them to make what you want and give them enough time to do it.”

Well, I waited for four days to see if the Mexican theme lunch would show up again and it didn’t. So I asked my favorite server Evan to ask the chef to make me what I wanted. Chips, salsa, guacamole, refried bean and jalapenos. And I was told, “No problem.”

a request

And the next day for lunch I got exactly what I requested which made me quite happy! I actually thought the chef would do another Mexican theme lunch because he told me, “Yes, but I have themes planned for the next two days.” I don’t know if he forgot or just felt not everyone would want it as much as I did. Had I not made my request I would have been very disappointed.

Then another time Chris commented on how the fresh fruit selection was a little weak and that he would like grapefruit. And Larry said, “Just ask them for grapefruit. You’d be surprised what they have on this ship.” It would never occur to me to ask for something that I haven’t seen or think is an unrealistic request. Would you? As it turns out they had grapefruit. So I asked for half of one on my last morning and got it. Then I was sorry I hadn’t asked sooner! And for not requesting fresh blueberries. You never know if you don’t ask.

This week’s focus is on making requests. How would it feel to express a desire or ask for something you want? What’s the worst that could happen? They would say, “No?” How bad is that? What if you actually got what you asked for? How would that make you feel?