WOW Word-Of-the-Week #448: Innovative

March 7, 2013 by  

Innovativeusing or showing new methods, ideas, etc.

Are you curious by nature? Do you ever spend time thinking of new ways to do things? Have you ever been rewarded for your innovative ideas?

This week’s WOW comes from Sade and is a great example of two previous WOWS’ on self talk and possibilities. I am on the board of Fostering Opportunities Dollars for Scholars. Our mission is to continue expanding post secondary educational opportunities for the foster youth of San Diego County, by providing them mentors and financial support.  And I have been so fortunate to be a mentor to Sade since 2007. She graduated from Cuyamaca College in 2009 and went on to SDSU with the Alex Smith Foundation Scholarship. She graduated in May 2012, with a degree in Social Work.

Sade Graduates from SDSU

Sade Graduates from SDSU

Sade wrote, “I love this WOW! I truly believe that anything is possible through self talk. I think we all would be amazed with how much of our life is created through self talk. As stated in the story, we can also speak negative vibes in our lives. I’ve been using self talk and it has done nothing but assist me with succeeding!!”

I asked Sade what word would best describe her she said, “Innovative.” Then I asked her to give me an example. She said, “When I first was hired I was asked to work overtime during our support group. I was in charge of the children. After weeks of an informal structure, I created a new format which included educational activities for the kids. My supervisor was extremely impressed with my work. Especially because others have never thought to make child care for our support group into an educational experience for the children.”

“Another example of me being innovative is my choices on how I live my life. I created a new and improved way of living life in my family. No one ever thought to teach a two-year-old about college in my family or to love and accept their child just as they are.”

And then on Friday, February 22nd, I received this e-mail titled, “I did it!!!!” with the body reading, “I got into graduate school!!!!!!”

I am so proud of Sade and all of her accomplishments! This week’s focus is on being innovative. Have you ever thought of ways to be more innovative in your job? Have you ever thought of creating new methods of doing things at home? Do you remember the last time you came up with a good idea?